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Holiday Decor I Have To Say I Adore

While always in search of the unique topics to share here, I think I stumbled upon one that transcends all else/well I mean most else. Let me explain: {featured images full credit and source , and here simply used to share in my joy of finding this article}

Culture: Where Is Your Sense of Humor

Remaining positive is key to most any hardship we are faced with – says me ;).  You can choose to think otherwise, but the only thing that we can’t be stripped of is thinking positive. So, as I continue to effort staying and spreading positivity, I share with you a few illustrations from a very talented arts which are on point…for anyone who’s ever felt this way or  know those who do. {full illustration credit source} What are you doing to cope?

Travel: Paris in Mind But Not the Usual Places

When I was ten I learned that my cousin, who was much older than me, had gone to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu. I had no idea what that meant, until years later, upon his return, I tasted the fancy meals he prepared for family gatherings and special occasions where he was hired to cater. When he moved to the states in the early 80’s, he opened a restaurant, but unfortunately for him, not at a time when the bay area was accustomed to trying different cuisines – particularly French.  So he was forced to close his restaurant and work as a chef at another, more steak and potatoes place. He died a few years back, after succumbing to cancer, without learning that San Francisco’s French restaurants have become some of the most famous.   I think of him often – about his style of cooking, and his love of French cuisine and every time I am at a French restaurant in San Francisco, I raise a glass of wine to him. I thought …

Decor: With Happiness In Mind

I never appreciated my home as much as I have since January, after our company’s office move, where we are cooped up for 8+ hours each day without natural light, or air. I apologize for playing this broken record, but I swear I don’t know how people do it. The environment has taken a toll on me. In light of this anxiety I am faced with daily, I realize there are others who feel the same way and would probably appreciate the idea of decorating with happiness  in mind.

Easter Eggs Are Sometimes Luxurious

…According to this article I found yesterday, and although I haven’t really painted eggs for quite some time, I have the urge to embark on the project come the week before – you know adding my own take on the luxurious eggs below: On another note – have you ever watched a show that makes you laugh throughout? Well, this show has me in stitches with every scene. Would you ever consider taking an art class online? I am thinking about sketchbook Illustration…and I think it’s going to happen very soon.  What are you reading lately? If you’ve just finished a story or two, and are looking for a new read, consider this list of must-reads I recently took an online quiz to test my IQ or rather for the internet to guess my education level. I have to say I was dubbed as having PhD level knowledge but for the life of me, cannot seem to locate the quiz again.  So, here’s one similar that you might want to try – oh go on …

Lifestyle: Hobbies and Crafts

This topic is an unusual one for here, but I was at Michael’s craft store over the weekend, just aisle shopping – when I realized it is full on craft season – so I went back home and naturally searched online for some ideas or books on ideas or…ways to consider starting a business online. And if you happen to share the interest, I have included some fun references: And this one just because: