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In The Garden

Although I am one who manages stress pretty well, I might say, there are moments where I need to stop all things and simply sit in my garden and reflect. That’s what I did last night, while experiencing an unusual heatwave for June in San Francisco. At seven-thirty in the evening I pulled a recline from the garage and went down to my garden and sat among the colorful plants and I watched the birds, the bees and the butterflies feast among the lavender for hours. And then I heard a fluttering near my ear, and I turned my head slowly and shifted my eyes to see the most beautiful of hummingbird simply inches away from me, and I said hello… For my life, if only for a few hours, felt peaceful and complete.

Beautiful Things In Travel

Friday could not have come fast enough this week. I don’t know if I was done with January or… just about anything else that makes us all ache for the weekend. When we can simply unwind (hopefully) and not always be accountable for the demands of a work week. Although, for some sort of balance, I did watch many episodes of Rick Steve’s Europe travels from years past. And naturally I felt the most beautiful things I wanted to share this week, was all about places I have been in Europe. Take care.

Searching for That Silver Lining

Apparently I had a smile on my face the other day that troubled my family members. It’s the sort of smile I produce when I am thinking and plotting and re-organizing priorities in my head. You see, recently I’ve been tossing around the idea of scaling back on work and finding a new career adventure which actually and truly makes me happy. Because of this back-and-forth, I’ve been buying novels with that very synopsis in play. Woman leaves life and moves somewhere. Woman finds new joy in life. Woman buys a cottage and transforms it. Woman learns life lessons and so on. I mean you get the picture. So I smile, with every purchase of these very novels which are going to become my inspiration to make that leap or ‘bounce’ from the unfulfilling and into a more simple and yet gratifying life. I’ve been caught with the very smile, when I stroll through a park or a quant neighborhood adoring all things nature, steadily and very colorfully readying for winter. It’s all part of …