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Searching for That Silver Lining

Apparently I had a smile on my face the other day that troubled my family members. It’s the sort of smile I produce when I am thinking and plotting and re-organizing priorities in my head. You see, recently I’ve been tossing around the idea of scaling back on work and finding a new career adventure which actually and truly makes me happy. Because of this back-and-forth, I’ve been buying novels with that very synopsis in play. Woman leaves life and moves somewhere. Woman finds new joy in life. Woman buys a cottage and transforms it. Woman learns life lessons and so on. I mean you get the picture. So I smile, with every purchase of these very novels which are going to become my inspiration to make that leap or ‘bounce’ from the unfulfilling and into a more simple and yet gratifying life. I’ve been caught with the very smile, when I stroll through a park or a quant neighborhood adoring all things nature, steadily and very colorfully readying for winter. It’s all part of …

Beautiful Things

On this Sunday morning I felt the need to inspire you… To seek nature and all it’s beauty To experience a gourmet coffee shop To discover an English Tudor or cottage style home in your neighborhood or beyond. To sit on a park bench along a lakeside and observe the ducks. I guarantee you will walk away feeling the most peaceful. To Consider a wall refresh in your formal dining room

Visual Therapy This November Morning

Last night, I said goodnight to the full moon, and set my clock back and turned in. This morning, I woke up to a new month, a new time, and watched the same glistening moon against the graceful skies, slowly lapsing into another time zone. I felt sad for some strange reason. I normally feel this way at the beginning of November, knowing there is just two months to the end of a year – and what a year it has been. Not the best I must admit, but we can only hope that the future is brighter, for as long as we do our part to live peacefully, in a dignified fashion. That is the key… So for today, I want to share what I call visual therapy – in hopes to contain the amount of anxiety looming across the globe: Featured image source is the ideal life I imagine for myself

Today’s Pretty Things

It has been a week – on a personal level, with a car break in, plumbing issues lost driver’s license, and health related concerns, and yet I am buying a bouquet of flowers, and sprucing up the house, to do my best in staying positive or even optimistic. Photographs of pretty things help, especially these lovely ones. Hang in there if you are having an equally tough week. {featured image source and full credit}

Weekend Recap and Some Questions

Hello Everyone! I decided to take a mini break from my computer this weekend, and instead spent more time in the kitchen learning our traditional cooking from my mother. A task I find myself needing more of these days – mostly because of the bonding we seem to have taken for granted in the past – being so busy with our lives.  But really – don’t you wonder now, why we were so busy or too busy for some things that seem to have become the more important of things since COVID-19? Besides the cooking and sharing of stories with mom,  I watched a few films which I feel the need to share since it brought up more questions. Like… The Humming Bird Project – touches on the greed factor in how businesses are run in the U.S. (in this case) where the race to build  the fastest high-frequency  fiber optic cable is at stake . The interesting part about this film was the many times human morals and behaviors were questioned and each time, …