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Decor: A French Riviera Home

Dreaming of owning a home high on a hilltop, say somewhere along the French Riviera? I do. Actually, anytime a film is made along the French coastline, I stop and watch, no matter how cheesy the story, like this and this film. So, naturally, I did a stop and watch with this amazing home tucked somewhere high above Cannes and had to share my admiration of the craftsmanship. The decor is truly in line with the environment, sixties inspired. The view isn’t bad either. featured image and source full credit

Fashion: Carolina Herrera – Spring 2020

After the 49ers lost yesterday in the Superbowl, I needed to gear my focus onto something fancy and colorful – just to shake off the disappointment I felt after watching the game. Although Kansas City Chiefs did kick **s – so the win was well deserved. But let’s move past that and talk about these amazing Caroline Herrera, who happens to be one of my favorite designers – Spring 2020 collection On another note, what did you think about Brad Pitt’s BAFTA acceptance speech? If you did watch the Superbowl – which commercial did you like the most or the least? My favorite was Jason Memoa’s  And as I called it, the little girl singing alongside Jennifer Lopez was non other than her daughter Emme – who has everyone buzzing about her performance at the half-time show with her mum. 

Film Locations Travel Destination

I took a film history class while in college, mostly to fulfill the electives portion of my degree program.  The course outline was to introduce the students to film making from the very beginning – from the Lumiere brothers short films made in Paris in 1895 onward.  On the first day of class, the professor gave us a one question quiz  – why do we go see films? My answer, along with everyone else in the classroom was – mostly to escape. Which apparently was not the correct answer, and so she went on to explain the many reasons  otherwise. The funny thing is no one in the classroom accepted her list and even to this day, I firmly believe that most folks go see a film to escape. So, if you think like me – then here’s a list of travel destinations to check out – where some of the best of films were made: {Salzburg photo source} {photo source for Cortona, Italy} {photo source for Nuuk, Greenland}   {Scotland photo source} {featured photo …

Friday Movie Night Debate and The Weekend

Every week, or Monday actually, I check the list of films being released over the week-end and decide whether it’s nachos and champagne and Nutella covered fresh strawberries, and streaming a movie or at home, or an actual going out to the movie theater night, with popcorn, a large Cola Icee and a box of chocolate covered raisins.  🙂   the better alternative. Just to give you an idea, last Friday night I decided on going out to see the American Assassin. I  appreciated the film so much that I had nothing but good things to say about it here.  Tonight, I am contemplating seeing the second installation of Kingsman: The Golden Circle,  Or a repeat viewing of the film Man Up on Netflix.   In case you are leaning more towards a night at home, curled up on the sofa, with no idea what to watch, here’s some suggestions of films I’ve seen in the past that are now streaming on Netflix Man Up Clouds of Sils Maria Sing Street Following Midnight Paris Hot …

oscar 2013 – fashion for the woman over 40

I have to say, women over 40, have come a long way. Not just in Hollywood, but also in the real world.  The funny thing is, that when I was in my 20s,  I dreaded being 40 and now that I have reached that point, I couldn’t be more proud.  Now my only wish is that I could look as good as Jane Fonda when I am in my 70s. With that said, check out some of my favorite looks at this year’s Oscars.

creative gala gowns for the red carpet

Since I follow the red carpet fashion trends, I have noticed most celebrities have conformed to a uniform look just so they could pass the fashion police critique.  While that is acceptable, it seems they have compromised a sliver of their bold and daring creative side, at least in my opinion. I hope this year is a little different and we can actually see a little bit of daring and unique fashion like the ones I have picked out below.

midnight in paris – thank you woody allen

Couple of nights ago, I finally got a chance to see the film, Midnight in Paris. I don’t know what took me so long, but no excuse is a good enough excuse in my opinion. I have this amazing love, love relationship with Paris and if the name is referenced in any title, such as movies, books, travel articles, museum special events, musicals or concerts or blogs, I will make every effort to see what it is all about. To see a film by Woody Allen, I think it is very important to be a fan. If not, the message and film contents may not go very well for the newbees. To see a film made by Woody Allen about Paris, you must have a certain understanding of the city of lights to completely appreciate the film for what it’s worth. I took a friend, who  has a youthful appreciation for Paris, to see her reaction.  The funny thing is that,  after 30 minutes into the film she turned to me and said, “what am …