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Film Locations Travel Destination

I took a film history class while in college, mostly to fulfill the electives portion of my degree program.  The course outline was to introduce the students to film making from the very beginning – from the Lumiere brothers short films made in Paris in 1895 onward.  On the first day of class, the professor gave us a one question quiz  – why do we go see films?

My answer, along with everyone else in the classroom was – mostly to escape. Which apparently was not the correct answer, and so she went on to explain the many reasons  otherwise. The funny thing is no one in the classroom accepted her list and even to this day, I firmly believe that most folks go see a film to escape.

So, if you think like me – then here’s a list of travel destinations to check out – where some of the best of films were made:

A Good Year – Here’s the nitty gritty about where it was filmed in Provence

If you are not familiar with the classic film The Sound of Music – by all means, please see the film and then visit the location

{Salzburg photo source}

Under the Tuscan Sun – Filmed so beautiful in Parts of Italy

{photo source for Cortona, Italy}

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty for the adventurer films in one of the most amazing locations

{photo source for Nuuk, Greenland}


Any Bond film – all locations – go here

{Scotland photo source}

{featured photo source}

{Here’s a link  for more film locations}

I mean – you get the picture 🙂  – don’t you?


  1. I go to a movie or watch a movie to escape real life. Which is why I dislike horror and those end of the world movies. I prefer anything that makes me feel good at the end…that everything is right with the world. Not the end. Romance girl gets boy eventually.

  2. On that note back in High School I had an argument with my Drama/English teacher over a poetry piece we had to dissect. I was told I was wrong in what I thought it was all about. I said to the teacher “how do you know thats what the person was even thinking, they wrote it before you were born. I think that might have been the first time someone questioned it. I wasn’t marked down thank goodness.

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