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Boutique Hotel Pick – Le Mas Des Poiriers – Avignon, France

Even at this point in life, I dream of fairy tales, not so much about a prince sweeping my off my feet and ending up living a life of a princess, but more like, a place an adult woman could escape to, and be pampered for a week or more, with pool side refills on the finest of champagne and naps  on a plush wicker chaise longue in the gardens – that to me is the ideal of a fairy tale – 🙂

Travel: Where To See The Best Fall Foliage

Fall is around the corner, in a week or so and some places are already experiencing colder temperatures in the early morning hours, and the orange hues at sunset are surely signs that my favorite time of year is almost here. There are some trees in San Francisco that are changing colors, but not to the extend other parts of the country sees and with that, here’s a list of eleven places to see the fall foliage at its best: First stop for me is always  Vermont New York {photo source: Oregon, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Colorado}   Canada West Virginia

Final Thoughts From My Holiday Abroad

I took a flight from London Heathrow on Sunday, leaving my heart behind for so many reasons. I have to say too many to list here. But most of all for the wonderful time I had with a good friend of mine, touring England, Scotland and a little of France – Paris to be exact. Three weeks ago, I was beside myself, looking very forward to the trip she and I planned – considering we’d both been travel agents in the past, we spend a few weeks beforehand strategizing on how we wanted the trip to flow with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment. Now that the holiday is over, I realize that the time away from home was much-needed for me, so that I can return refreshed and recharged enough to deal with all the ups and downs that life has in store for us in 2017. One of the most important things I decided upon, while talking to my friend throughout the trip, is that, instead of focusing only on the bad that happens …

Photography I Can Only Imagine Taking

I have taken thousands of photographs in my lifetime. Most of them, as expected, while travelling.  They are great photographs that I cherish, and often  thumb through  in albums, and on my computer to feel inspired or simply to reflect on events gone by. So you can imagine how much I appreciate travel photographs taken by others, especially those I was unable to snap with my camera, even though at the time I wondered how I can get up there and snap that photo. Here are  some photos  I can pretty much imagine the exact location where the photographer stood to snap these amazing pictures.

travel journal: stay tuned

I am excited as always to have the opportunity to travel. So, I ask that you stay tuned, throughout the next two weeks, as I come to you via blog – detailing my travels, hopefully getting up the nerve to start up the Instagram site, I’ve been dying to and of course wishing I was on a PAN AM flight from eons ago 🙂 {photo credits click here, here and here}

plans for 2014: make it happen

January 17th already and I have to say, I have no idea what’s happened thus far. I do know however, that I’ve spent most of my days so far in meetings and social gatherings getting ideas, getting to know people and getting inspired, just in general. I have big plans for 2014 and I’ve realized in the past that if I set goals, I can actually achieve them and feel fulfilled at the end of the year, no matter how small the accomplishment. This year, I have some high expectations of myself in business and some fun plans for pleasure. Hopefully I can achieve all that I set out to do this year:

photography: connecting with nature

Last year, accidentally, I ended up in Muir Woods on the first day of the year. This year, coincidentally I ended up in the same place and since this was my very second visit to the park, I took a much deeper look at how fascinating the natural forest really is, especially when the mid-afternoon sunlight creates an amazing 3D effect, intensifying the beauty: {photography property of}