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Final Thoughts From My Holiday Abroad

I took a flight from London Heathrow on Sunday, leaving my heart behind for so many reasons. I have to say too many to list here. But most of all for the wonderful time I had with a good friend of mine, touring England, Scotland and a little of France – Paris to be exact.

Three weeks ago, I was beside myself, looking very forward to the trip she and I planned – considering we’d both been travel agents in the past, we spend a few weeks beforehand strategizing on how we wanted the trip to flow with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.

Now that the holiday is over, I realize that the time away from home was much-needed for me, so that I can return refreshed and recharged enough to deal with all the ups and downs that life has in store for us in 2017.

One of the most important things I decided upon, while talking to my friend throughout the trip, is that, instead of focusing only on the bad that happens to us, we need to stop for a second and acknowledge the good things that, although may be sporadic, it does come our way also.  That travelling is always a good idea, even if the world is a dangerous place. That truly opening your mind, and really seeing everything around you, you might just become the most amazing person on the planet. And just think if everyone did the same, what  a truly wonderful world this could become.

Night walk about Paris is enchanting to say the least

Even pre-Spring photos are breath-taking (Paris)

Every breakfast in UK was organically prepared and well worth every bite

Edinburgh – to me is among one of the most beautiful destinations

U.K. in general is storybook come to life.

Ancient Cambridge in all its glory

Best exterior decor I’ve ever seen – in most anywhere (U.K.)

Architecture marvel incorporating the old and new

Then there are the museums – countless and all things priceless



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