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Fashion: Sexy and Bold Wedding Gowns

I think, if personalized, these gowns would best fit for the stars walking down some red carpet. A gala perhaps, the styles in soft blues, and lavender, white and even black. And if a bride chooses the fashion for her special day, then I give her . Either way, can you guess which is my absolute favorite?

Fashion: Wedding Season and You’re Invited

So you weren’t invited to the Royal wedding in Windsor this May, but you are certainly on the invite list for a wedding of someone much more meaningful and now on a hunt for that perfect dress, like me right now – for a  summer winery outdoor wedding and another formal evening one in the city mid-fall.  Here’s what I found so far to consider.      

fashion week – nyc 2013 – christian siriano

While traveling through Paris (Which I will cover shortly), I cannot help but focus more on fashion then anything else and since this is fashion week in NYC, I decided to share my favorites from Christian Siriano Spring 2013 collection from here:

wedding day countdown

Tic toc, tic toc is the best I could jot down to express the number of hours and day remaining to the wedding of the century (at least from where I am sitting:) ).  And of course I don’t need to tell anyone, weddings are probably the most stressful thing to experience (I am still trying to figure out why that is) While we plow through the to-do list, I can’t help but go over the details in my head over and over and over again just to make sure we don’t forget anything. Being a wedding planner is a b**** (oops did I say that out loud). Anyway, through photos, I can give a glimps of what goes through my head, even while I am writing this blog entry.

bridal party in pinks and lavender

It is officially “the wedding season” and with it, the collection of beautiful pastel colored bridal party gowns are finally making their way, slowly but surely into the traditional department stores and boutiques (online doesn’t count in this case) and although there are many beautiful colors on display, I can honestly say various shades of pinks and lavender from here are my favorites:

choosing the right special occasion shoes

In fashion, not every style or design looks good in every color, so when shopping for  a special occasion gown or shoes (in this case) it is always good to consider the color while choosing the style. Let me know what you think about the examples below, which color looks better on the style of shoe? Photo 1: Nina Niva Pumps 99USD Photo 2: Vera Wang Savy Sandles 298USD Photo 3: Badgley Mischka julia pumps 265USD Photo 4: Pelle Moda Rae platform sandal 189USD

springtime 2011 outfit picks from a woman over 40

As most  of us Americans are programmed to finish preparing our income taxes, to turn them in by midnight the 15th of April, every year, I bet most of us don’t realize that this year we have until the 18th of April to complete them due to some observed holiday technicalities in one of our states. Either way, the rest of the world could care less and lives their lives as if it was just another day. So for the folk outside of the states and my much appreciated readers, I have  put some outfits together which I, for some reason, have incorporated into my Spring to Summer 2011 wardrobe.  Hope you like. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

wedding shoes for the woman over 40

In yesterdays blog entry I suggested some beautiful gowns here for that special day for the woman over 40. Along with choosing the right gowns, it is also very important to select the right type of shoes and although I am not loyal to any particular  shoe designers and their products, I have included an online catalog here from Badgley Mischka Spring 2011 footwear collection for you to consider, when shopping for your special wedding day, or “renewing wedding vows” or simply to match with a dress you plan to wear to a wedding in 2011. Tell me what you think?