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Holiday Fashion: Stand Out In Your Style

I totally admire those who stand out tastefully in their fashion sense, mix-matching various blends and patterns to create an outfit that is perfectly defining of their personality. So that’s what I am attempting to do for this holiday season, picking out outfits that define who I am, without creating the wrong kind of buzz at a party or two or three – for work and play. Here’s what I mean:

Holiday Shopping Guide: Banana Republic Men’s Wear

The beauty of public transportation when commuting to work is that you get to see the fashion sense among the men in your neck of the woods. I mean men do have it just as hard – dressing to fit in this society.  Some men hit it out of the ballpark with their choice of outfits – like one guy who steps into the train every day impeccably dressed, looking like a model from GQ. And then there is the guy who you can tell woke up in the clothes he is wearing, and got on the train every day looking well – not so ideal. I like a man who makes a conscious effort to look his best, even if he is wearing a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Okay you get my point. Anyway, we all know every store on the planet is having a sale and it’s really difficult to keep up, so I am going to do my best to share with you my picks – in this post …

Fashion: Holiday Cocktail Hour and More

You might think it’s too soon to plan for holiday attire. But we are exactly 2 months away from Christmas. So in my neck of the world, cocktail parties are set in stone, and invitations have all gone out. This year, three of the parties I plan to attend will be around the same people. So I cannot  recycle  outfits I’ve been able to get away with in the past. Because of this dilemma,  I started my online and in-store shopping, and InWear has given me some great ideas to consider for this year’s look.