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Boutique Hotel Pick – Lotte New York Palace – New York

I haven’t added some of my favorite boutique hotel recommendations for that special weekend or week long getaway until I spend a good amount of time laughing in the pool this past week with a funny couple who decided to get hitched as they called it, and blend their families together with six pre-teen kids.  They were celebrating their one year of bliss (can you see my jaw dropped or my eye twitching while trying to understand their definition of bliss?). They joked about kids, and exes, and the new blended family and I simple threw my head back and laughed while tears streamed down my face-that’s how funny they were about the whole thing. I suppose that in itself is a definition of bliss or love. All I can say is –  more power to them. So, in case you are aching for a weekend getaway where you want to feel regal in all sorts of pampering, then this beautiful hotel is just the right accommodation to set the mood or just help you …

Lifestyle: This Could Be Me…

The first of November! And I have to say, I am a little sad that there are only two months remaining to 2018. What and how, naturally comes to mind right about now – even though I pretend while speaking to friends and family, that I do not keep track of the small stuff. I really do. The small stuff is what the bigger picture is made of.  Think of it as a paint-by-number canvas, once filled, the result could very well become a masterpiece or a disaster, especially if you paint outside the lines. 🙂 I know, I am nuts. But did it make you think? Or laugh, or smile? If so, than I’ve done my job for today.  So, here’s to November and me wishing these could be me –  right about now? Would you or have you read this novel? I’ve added it to my November must-read list {featured image source}

Interesting Finds Online: Disney’s Real Life Inspiration

I’ve been a fan of all things Disney for decades now and follow every story and news about the brand. Wishing, if given a change, to live a week or two each year in the original theme park, somewhere behind all the facade in New Orlean Square, or Main Street or Fantasyland. Nerdy or Geeky to some. But to me, it’s a way of staying in touch with my childhood, that I miss so much.  Of course there is also much love for all Disney classic films and with that, the need to learn all about the stories behind every tale produced by the mega-corporation that it is today. Like this one about real life places that inspired the Disney Films: So, here’s what comes to mind- that I need to plan a Disney location inspired trip across the globe to see in actuality the inspiration behind every inspiration. I mean since I am a writer and all, the trip is justifiable 😉 Also what is your favorite Disney movie? And if you are a …

Travel And Other Topics

I don’t know what possessed me to watch Father of the Bride last night. The one with Steve Martin, not the classic tale from 1950 with Spencer Tracy.   Anyway, back in 1991 when the film was first shown, I watched it with a different perspective.  So, when I watched it again a few nights ago, the first thing that stuck to me was the opening dialogue – where Steve Martin’s character reflects on his life, family/kids, and the town they life – San Marino, California. Back in 1991, the thought of living in such a small town would have never crossed my mind watching a film. Instead I focused mainly on the fashion, and the decor aspect of the movie, and the cuteness of the storyline. But my mind was fixed on San Marino, and I quickly paused the story to get a glimpse of the small town and all information available online – making a note that on my next trip to Los Angeles, I would detour to the area and get a …

Visual Therapy – That’s All

What is it about greenery or flower and fauna that puts a smile on our faces? This beautiful collection of greenhouses from around the world couldn’t have come at a better time for me – and I hope for you – to ward off the end-to-summer blues I’m feeling right about now. Greenhouses are the nearest thing to holding on to summer days, even in the worst of weathers outdoor. I remember a trip to Montreal a few years back, in the middle of dead-winter, I visited a local greenhouse and was taken away by the beautiful collection of greens and colorful plants and flowers, a contradiction to the freezing all-white scenery outside. It was pure therapy, visual and mental.    

Travel: Topics of Interest For Here And There

When I worked as a travel agent, I spend a good amount of time listening to my clients, and getting to know them before I came up with their next trip or get-away, even for destination weddings and anniversary celebrations. To me every detail mattered. Travel has always been my top passion and I feel I can never share enough information about it here.  See what I mean?

Final Thoughts From My Holiday Abroad

I took a flight from London Heathrow on Sunday, leaving my heart behind for so many reasons. I have to say too many to list here. But most of all for the wonderful time I had with a good friend of mine, touring England, Scotland and a little of France – Paris to be exact. Three weeks ago, I was beside myself, looking very forward to the trip she and I planned – considering we’d both been travel agents in the past, we spend a few weeks beforehand strategizing on how we wanted the trip to flow with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment. Now that the holiday is over, I realize that the time away from home was much-needed for me, so that I can return refreshed and recharged enough to deal with all the ups and downs that life has in store for us in 2017. One of the most important things I decided upon, while talking to my friend throughout the trip, is that, instead of focusing only on the bad that happens …

Boutique Hotel Pick – Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron – Salzburg, Austria

I usually wait until mid-March to begin posting my boutique hotel picks. You know at a time when some of begin planning our vacations.  This year I’ve considered including Austria on my agenda since I haven’t been to this lovely destination for over 10 years. In light of my interest, I’ve found a boutique hotel worth mentioning here. And of course since Salzburg is a must stop for me, this is where I want to be – in a fairy tale setting with a modern twist: Does Sound of Music ring a bell to anyone?