Month: September 2014

healthy suggestions i live by for years

There are lots of articles, ads, and more about eating healthy or what to eat and not. Some even contradict one product over the other, worrying us into sleepless nights and added stress over our eating habits. I grew up on Mediterranean food and indulged just fine the things naturally available each season, maintaining my weight. It was when I arrived in the US and ate processed food that I gained weight and was among the millions in this country labelled as overweight.  I put an end to it years ago, returning to eating just as did when I was younger, and avoiding processed food at all cost. The changes I made require commitment and time, since I prepare all my foods at home and seldom eat out and when I do, I go for the lighter meals, salads mostly or salmon, to avoid from developing bad habits again, throwing me off. Couple of interesting articles I came across recently which I have proven to work for me: {click here for source article} {click here for source article} …

happy autumn 2014

For decades, I’ve only welcomed Summer. I suppose it had something to do with being young, and looking forward to not being in school. Then in later years, I considered Summer time the only time for vacations, loving the chaos of it all anywhere I traveled. In the last five years however, I’ve started to notice Fall, and decided to travel off season (being Fall) to avoid the crowds, the chaos, quickly realizing it’s the best time of the year to admire your surroundings while on holiday/vacation. At the same time, I’ve grown to appreciate Autumn in a different way, preferring the season even more now, the older I get. It’s a slower pace, a warm and glowy season, a time between brisk mornings and chilly nights, and bright sunny days – all bundled together enticing you. {Photo source}

interesting finds online – volume 3

I read articles, hundreds of them always in search of that story, the one inspiring me or giving me ideas for my novels – plus I am curious, always wanting to learn more. Anyway, I decided to do a compilation of these finds on my blog a while back, hoping to share them with you. Here’s volume 3. Always remember to click on the photo to be redirected.  

fashion week and favorite designers

Fashion week, whether  in New York, Paris, London, Milan and more, is one naturally most of us tune into, anxiously waiting to see what the new styles and suggestions are. From it all I can’t decide if Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter is my favorite. In any case, here are some of my favorites all bundled and one click away from a more detailed look.

adding some positive in your life

This week’s been a little strange. It happens – to the best of us. September usually is strange in general for me. That’s why I often take a trip this month to hide in Europe for several weeks, until October to be exact, to return when the leaves have nearly turned color, and the crisp cool air in the early morning hours and evenings suggest the season change – calming me. This year however, I stayed put, not going anywhere late summer since I have much to do. And then I realized, it was better to go away just as I’d done for years. So, please stand by as I readjust and recalibrate my to do list and goals so that by the end of the year, I feel more happy that I have reached a few goals, then be sad, that I haven’t reached them all.