Food: Chicken Lettuce Wrap – Greek Style

Variation is my main objective when preparing the same old thing. Meaning chicken, salmon and sometimes even a beef dish. Friday’s are my favorite – because I work from home, so the prep time for a meal is the most welcoming on this day, where I get to create an exciting meal. Such as this […]

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Travel: The World’s Best….


Here’s a list of this and that I found online – offering up the world’s best… The World’s Best Cities for Art and Culture here: 2. For the Fifty Best Restaurants in Paris go here:  3. Take a Road Trip to 18 Best Italy Pastry Shops – here: 4. Fifteen Magical – Best – Hotels […]

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Decor: Swedish Apartment Envy


When asked to describe my dream apartment – I sort of flail about my arms trying to explain the space my family called home abroad, somewhere in an ancient city with French influence. Something like this:  

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Oh Happy Day – Always

For all those who love, and those that are loved, this day should be celebrated every day of your lives: {photo source}

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Online Reads Worth A Click With A Good Cup of Coffee


It’s been raining here in San Francisco, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. Finally, we see lushness, and freshness to everything that’s been slowly deteriorating in the past decade from the drought.  I also love the fact that the rain forces me to stay indoors and focus more on my novel and […]

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Decor: My Choice of Colors

Today’s entry is short and sweet since I’m a tad bit overwhelmed with a few deadlines. But I took a second or two to show you what’s trending in my household- rather, my choice of colors in decor.  That’s all. Have a nice day.

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Travel: The English Countryside


With all the nonsense going on in the US lately, I realize it is time for me to get away from it all, and just disappear into the English Countryside, mimicking the film THE HOLIDAY…and here’s what I have so far: {click on photos for the source}

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