Boutique Hotel Pick – Villa Cora Hotel – Florence, Italy


The five-star luxury hotel Villa Cora in Florence is  a perfect boutique hotel  I see as  the setting for my next novel…or simply a place I can dream about a story. The perfect Byzantine-Florentine decor and setting in one of my most cherished ancient cities – Florence.

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Travel: Cliffside Hotels To Appreciate


Since I live by the coast, on a hilltop high enough to get the best of views of the ocean, I can relate to this topic. More so, while I put my October vacation to Italy together. Here’s a few from the list of ten,  I’ve added to my list for future trips:

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Food: Salmon Souvlaki Bowl


Found this recipe here, and it is on my list of meals for this week.  Definitely Salmon out-of-the-norm for us. Which is usually just grilled to perfection and a side of roasted potatoes.  This one is perfect for a change up.

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Decor: Studio Remodel Options

feature7-25-2016 8-02-40 AM

I spent the entire weekend, at Ikea, Home Depot, several flooring studios, West Elm and the likes, trying to figure out the best remodel for our place.  I would like to switch out the wall-to-wall carpet with hardwood floors, change the wall colors a few shades lighter, and the bathroom, a complete color palette makeover. […]

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Food: Cake And More Cake


In light of my faithful or most loyal friend’s birthday today – he is 12 or 84 as in dog years😦.  I’ll take 12 since I can’t bear the thought of life without him aging, in my opinion too fast. Anyway, as I swallow the boulder now lodged in my throat for the sentimental thoughts […]

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Boutique Hotel Pick – Hotel Margot House – Barcelona, Spain


I love how hotels have come a long way, here and there, with everyone trying to simplify, modernize and go eco-friendly.  Here’s one in Barcelona I find very appealing, with the minimal decor, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Hotel Margot House  

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Lifestyle: For The Love Of Art, French Facade Art That Is…


As I said before I always end my European vacation in France. Sometimes somewhere in the French Riviera or up north to my most beloved Paris. While in either location,  I’ve often pointed out to my hubs the facade of buildings covered and under renovation, admiring the efforts the French make in keeping the neighborhood […]

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Food: Fresh Fruit Delight


I eat summer fruits in abundance, and although I enjoy every bite of the fresh ones, I sometimes crave the cooked version. To me cooked tastes better than the ripened ones. Just yesterday I bought fresh peaches from Trader Joe, and sliced up two for a snack while I watched a film I planned to […]

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Travel: London Eats While On Vacation or Anytime


A good friend of mine moved to the UK a few months ago, and ever since I’ve been trying to recruit her to become a guest writer on this very site of mine that I love so much. She’s thinking – she’s told me, and after 3 months I realize I am not going to […]

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