Lifestyle: What’s Been Keeping Me…Busy

8-29-2016 8-12-11 AM

I feel like I’ve been away forever, but some things had to fall through the crack, namely my blog, and workout, while I worked through my fullest of plates of late. First and foremost, the living space revamp that’s tortured me to no end,  forcing me to rethink the plan, hence delaying the timeframe – […]

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Food: Chicken Cashew Made At Home

8-23-2016 7-20-33 AM

We go out for Indian food at least once a week for lunch. I love the zesty flavors and spices used in Indian Cuisine. So, the other night I craved a peanuty flavor in my home cooking and naturally turned to this site for a good recipe to try:

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Lifestyle: Photography Colors To Set The Mood

8-16-2016 9-54-30 AM

I took the train from Sacramento to San Francisco on Sunday, after I went up to the area for a small break from the freezing cold temps in my neck of the neighborhood – by the ocean, where its been foggy and ugly, and pretty down depressing with all-time grays. I tend to forget how […]

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Food: Lavender, Blackberries, and White Chocolate In Scones

8-16-2016 8-43-41 AM

The first time I tasted lavender was near Aix Provence, France. There was a shortbread cookies infused with slivers of lavender. At first I didn’t really like it, but after a few days of eating a cookie or two a day with a great cup of coffee, I grew accustomed to the taste. The next […]

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Fashion: My Fashion Sense

8-15-2016 8-06-29 AM

Living in San Francisco and working for a techy company, you can pretty much go to work wearing jeans and a T-shirt everyday and no one cares. Which is a refreshing option from the suit and stocking days when I worked for a financial institution. I’ve been asked why I don’t model my fashion here […]

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Travel: London 34

As stated in Nothing Hill

I titled this entry as London 34, because according to this article there are 34 beautiful places  in London that will make you book a flight just to go see them. Funny thing is I stumbled upon a few of these places without really knowing about them when I explored the city without a guide […]

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Fashion: Marchesa Fall-Winter 2016-17


The season for me to consider all things fashion has arrived here at RS&S and with it, some of my picks for Marchesa Fall-Winter 2016-17 gowns galore.

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Food: Guacamole in Abundance


I’ve been craving the strangest of foods lately. For example bbq ribs and salad. Mascarpone over fresh peaches, guacamole with slivers of fresh jalapeño, lots of watermelon and salty cheese, and finally tuna soaked in fresh squeezed lemon juice. Not all mixed together mind you. But that’s been my cravings, and no I am not […]

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Interesting Finds Online – Vol 10


Finally made it to the country for a few days, where I was shocked to see the moon, the first night. It’s funny how we take things for granted until it isn’t there anymore. In my case, due to the crazy heavy fog in San Francisco, I haven’t seen the moon since early May.  So […]

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