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Topics of Interest For The Weekend

Things that continue to escalate or shift every week, has us all on edge. Whether we feel helpless, or need help, we need to balance ourselves however way possible in order to cope.

This beautiful home has me longing for a getaway, and not the quick ones over the weekend. I mean months

What’s in your Airbnb? Here’s one woman’s effort to create unique experiences. {read more}

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I found this article very interesting while doing research for my next book – Ancient guide to uncertain times.

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I have yet to come to terms with losing my dog. Each time I think I have progressed in the way I feel about it, I find myself getting all choked up. Strangely enough this article has defined everything a person feels after losing a beloved pet.

Photo by Ben Mack on

In certain cultures, there are healers of many ailments. This article shares with the reader one particular healing of ‘bad luck’. Do you believe?

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