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Topics of Interest For The Weekend

Things that continue to escalate or shift every week, has us all on edge. Whether we feel helpless, or need help, we need to balance ourselves however way possible in order to cope. What’s in your Airbnb? Here’s one woman’s effort to create unique experiences. {read more} I found this article very interesting while doing research for my next book – Ancient guide to uncertain times. I have yet to come to terms with losing my dog. Each time I think I have progressed in the way I feel about it, I find myself getting all choked up. Strangely enough this article has defined everything a person feels after losing a beloved pet. In certain cultures, there are healers of many ailments. This article shares with the reader one particular healing of ‘bad luck’. Do you believe?

a sentimental day

Looking back, I have been told, is never a good thing, but once in a while I find myself having the need to look back thirty plus years,  just to escape the complexities of today’s world. The funny thing is, as my mind  reflects on  most of my amazing childhood,  I subconsciously or perhaps just by pure accident come across  online photographs  which, I could have sworn, were taken from a time during my childhood. You see my parents, along with the entire clan on my father’s side and sometimes my mothers went on picnics in the mountains of a place where I was born, but back then I had no idea how precious those days were, I simply took them for granted and played about without a care in the world. Fast forward to my adult life and the need to escape the daily chaos, I spend a good amount of time reflecting on those amazing moments and when I come across a photograph which reminds me of that time, I add it to …

mental therapy: stop and smell the roses

I am not sure if many of you are familiar with the term ‘stop and smell the roses” well if not, just to give you a background. In the US we have alot of sayings to feed the soul but sometimes we forget to practice what we preach. So, after a week of torment and undo stress, I decided last night, even though the weather is the worst in San francisco right now, to take a walk through my favorite neighborhood (Seacliff) and smell the flowers along the way, just to give myself the long overdue mental therapy I so very much deserved. I must say it worked and when I got home and retired for the night, I actually fell asleep and stayed asleep through the entire night. Find something to escape to even if only for a few minutes out of your busy life. I highly recommend it.