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Decor: San Francisco Home Tour And My Walk Across The City

On the weekends you can find me walking across the city, mostly from my home in the avenues/outer sunset to Pacific Heights and I do so of course for exercise, but mostly for the love of architecture, and the perfectly manicured landscapes. While walking I always imagine the interior of some of the homes, or let’s be honest, all of the homes of the rich and some famous folks that live or own the properties in the area. And of course, my prayers were answered with the interiors of this 39M home – yes you read it right – 39 Million dollar home in the city with views of that famous bridge of ours ;). I’ll see if I can borrow a cup of sugar…

Travel: Travel West, You Might Just Love It

When travelling through Europe, I often strike up a conversation with others either on the trains, or in restaurants, I want to know where people are from and where it is they have traveled. The interesting part of all this, is that the moment someone finds out I am from San Francisco, they tend to say just how much they love America – New York, Miami – which isn’t all of America, but a part of the country considered most ideal for tourists coming from Europe and beyond.  But I am here to tell you there is more – much more to see west of the Mississippi – Louisiana, Montana, Arizona and naturally the west coast.

Travel: Top 20 in 2019

Suggested travel destinations go full circle it seems throughout the years, and some places stay on the list year after year. But either way, here’s the top 20 suggested travel destinations for 2019 and which ones got me thinking where it is I will be this summer. {featured image of Tbilisi, Georgia (Caucasus and not the Georgia in the US)

Travel: Adults Only Resort

In my mind, the definition of a resort stay, is something strictly for adults, and all-inclusive is where children are allowed. But I guess I was wrong, because this list points out the difference?  And in case you happen to be as baffled as I am because you’ve just learned something new, here’s a list of the ‘kid-friendly resorts‘ By the way, I have a bucket list of hotels I wish to experience, where I have added the ones pictured below. For the rest of the 20 resorts suggested, go here: {featured image source}

Food: Dinner Tonight – Shrimp Cobb Salad

I am presently what  is referred to as – the salad bowl of Calfornia. Otherwise knows as California’s central coast. The place where all the beautiful farming takes place. I love being here because it is the best getaway for this city girl, tired of the steel, stone and glass all around, and too much construction throughout the city of San Francisco. Which I am not certain if it’s to beautify it or add to the chaos. I’ve lived in the city all my life, and watched it grow into something, I am not sure I appreciate as much as the simpleness the city once was. Sure I live in the outer sunset, which is a bit quitter than downtown, but still, the city is growing in a direction I am having trouble with truly appreciating the older I get. With that said, I make a conscious effort to escape to the countryside, whether east of the city, or south, I take a drive or a flight to somewhere surrounded by farms, where downtown consists …

What’s In Store This Weekend?

The planning has already begun for the weekend and these are some of the things I am considering: What’s your plans this weekend? Where will you be watching the Superbowl? And if you happen to be doing the same about the bay area on Saturday or Sunday early morning walk, please drop me a line here so we can cross paths and say ‘Hi’. Otherwise have a lovely weekend!

Interesting Finds Online: Disney’s Real Life Inspiration

I’ve been a fan of all things Disney for decades now and follow every story and news about the brand. Wishing, if given a change, to live a week or two each year in the original theme park, somewhere behind all the facade in New Orlean Square, or Main Street or Fantasyland. Nerdy or Geeky to some. But to me, it’s a way of staying in touch with my childhood, that I miss so much.  Of course there is also much love for all Disney classic films and with that, the need to learn all about the stories behind every tale produced by the mega-corporation that it is today. Like this one about real life places that inspired the Disney Films: So, here’s what comes to mind- that I need to plan a Disney location inspired trip across the globe to see in actuality the inspiration behind every inspiration. I mean since I am a writer and all, the trip is justifiable 😉 Also what is your favorite Disney movie? And if you are a …

Travel: California Wineries

In my opinion, February and October are the best months for the wineries in California – in terms of the beautiful photo opps.  February, thanks to the yellow mustard plants covering entire fields – the color contrast most welcoming against the bare blackened vines. October is harvest season, when the grapes are robust and deep variations of purple, and maroon, some even tranquil shades of green – intertwined with the changing Autumn colors of the leaves. So, naturally you have to plan a trip to California to see unique and some of the  most beautiful wineries: Sunstone Winery