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Travel: Travel West, You Might Just Love It

When travelling through Europe, I often strike up a conversation with others either on the trains, or in restaurants, I want to know where people are from and where it is they have traveled. The interesting part of all this, is that the moment someone finds out I am from San Francisco, they tend to say just how much they love America – New York, Miami – which isn’t all of America, but a part of the country considered most ideal for tourists coming from Europe and beyond.  But I am here to tell you there is more – much more to see west of the Mississippi – Louisiana, Montana, Arizona and naturally the west coast.

Point Reyes, California

Hood Canal, Washington State

Bend, Oregon

Big Sur, California

Okanagan Valley, BC – yes in Canada which is only a hop-skip from Washington State – so we consider the visit part of a U.S travel. 🙂

Carmel and Monterey, California are a must

Central Coast, California with which I have fallen in love.

San Diego, California

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