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Trooping The Colour Special Celebration – 2022

Three years ago, I had the most amazing opportunity to be present in London for the Trooping of the Colour Parade – which normally is in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. I was happy to see the Queen as well as Prince Philip among all the royals imaginable. It was a good day to see such a historical figure. It was as if she was a time capsule or an encyclopedia of sorts. All I could think about while seeing her smile and wave from her carriage to the crowd was-I wish I could have an hour or two with her. Just to hear first hand about her conversations with world leaders through the decades, and her truest feelings about how our world has evolved. This year, as we know, Trooping The Colour celebration will have a different meaning. It will be the platinum jubilee – dedicated to The Reigning Queen’s seventy years on the throne. Wish I was there…for this historic moment in her majesty’s and my lifetime. Decades of the only …

Would You Do The Color Pink?

Millennial and the color pink go hand in hand according to everyone –  but I have to admit that I have always appreciated the color in the classic, pastel shade or those bearing a rosy hue, or a soft peach blend. Pink is classic, timeless, and women of all ages should own at least one thing pink-ish.  If not in decor, or fashion (clothing) then for sure lipstick. Like this shade Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany, which is still available here or this shade of pink, Penelope Cruz wore in a Lancome ad years ago, and one I wear to this day. Pink is a wonderful color. So just humor me, for those on the fence about Pink. Would you consider pink in… {featured image source}  

Afternoon tea in London – On My Bucket List

Sure, I’ve done tea in the countryside in England, but never one in London. Not sure why that is, but I bet it’s the need to run around and see every tourist sight in the two-day stay I normally schedule for this fair city. Anyway, next Spring I will be going to just outside London to visit with a friend and I have already told her to pencil us in for a few tea rooms from this list:

Travel: October Onward

Believe it or not this is the best time to travel – past the summer craziness. Airfares are reasonable, destinations are less crowded, and the cooling air make it a pleasant stay even the hottest of locations. So I am going to share the interesting of finds online regarding travel. Maybe I’ll slow down or stop in November 🙂

Decor: Burberry Christmas Tree

Too soon you say? Well maybe or maybe not. But Burberry, one of my favorite designer of coats and umbrellas is decorating the Christmas tree at Claridge. News I considered necessary to share for all those interested in the smallest or huge details happening around the world. I can’t wait to see the real photos in true Burberry fashion and color scheme.

friday’s five interesting finds online – vol. one

Here I go again, revamping something I’ve done years ago. Sharing with you all a few interesting finds online. 1. I go to Paris at least once a year, and during my trip I shop at Monoprix for all of my snacks, and bottled water and so on. I actually look forward to doing that. So, here’s a story about Monoprix and how I will never venture out into their basements. Although it is an interesting find: 2. Twenty-Five things I didn’t know about Breakfast at Tiffany’s was an article I stumbled upon while looking up information about George Peppard-at the time the handsome actor who portrayed Holly’s love interest in the film. I was using his portrayal as research for my next novel. Anyway, here are the facts if you are interested. 3. Flight MH370 disappeared nearly a year ago (3/8/2014) and its story the most daunting. Still today, we have no idea what happened, and all of us rely on speculation, although deep down we all have a pretty good idea as to …

london, england – day 5

London, on this trip was a pit stop. Not really a place I was particularly  interested in visiting, since it’s one of those cities, if I’ve seen it once, it’s crossed off my bucket list. Sorry if I am offending anyone. I prefer the countryside in the UK, not so much a congested city. Anyway, we arrived on a Saturday evening and after dinner settled in early and watched the Big Bang Theory. I think Sheldon and I were separated at birth. Sunday morning, we took our time getting ready and walked out of our hotel, utterly surprised. London was experiencing, some sort of heat wave and the streets were overly crowded. Then it dawned on me, every local was off work, enjoying the heat and being outdoors. Which made it nearly impossible for the tourists to be out and about, even during slow travel season (or maybe not). We walked for miles, me, worrying mostly at attempting to take the underground or even the over ground transportation, since it felt as though people were hanging out of …