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Travel: Where to Go In August

I normally travel to Europe off season or end to a season or the beginning to a season. Meaning May or Mid September through October – not so much for the great fares and hotel rates, but rather for the quiet before and after the student travelers have passed through the continent. But this list of best places to travel in August can also carry through the end of October just fine, I know, I’ve been there: {featured image} Also this How To article had me smiling – my favorite: How To Sleep Like A Pope In Rome

Travel: Luxury Camping

Considering I live in bear country (California), I stay away from camping – in a tent or in locations where those furry beasts could easily tear down walls and doors to get to the jar of honey I felt necessary to bring to a campground.  Gruesome I know – sorry. But I have a vivid imagination and believe everything I see in the movies – about bears that is.  😉 But I do love the outdoors, and often wish I could overcome my fears and experience ‘camp-likeness’ at least once in my lifetime. And maybe with this list, I may consider a few options – like…

Travel: Romantic Destinations in The U.S.

In line with this week’s theme – oh you know – Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share the most romantic places to visit in the U.S.  – although these places are something to experience whenever you embark on a romantic long-weekend getaway (for the locals) or for those coming from abroad, and want a bit of adventure.  Here’s my picks and for the rest you can go here: {Inspiration or source for this topic}    

Food: Valentine’s Breakfast Pancakes For Those Staying In

I saw this recipe a few weeks ago, and already knew the plans for Valentine’s Day or actually any other Sunday. I mean, this option is not only for those in love, but rather for anyone celebrating  – their independence, to a perfect friendship and even a newly purchased home. Double chocolate champagne pancakes is the way to go, I say: Ingredients: 1 cup AP flour 1¾ tsp baking powder 1/3 cup sugar 4 tsp cocoa powder, sifted 1 tsp salt 2 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips 1/4 cup milk 1 large egg 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp champagne. {more}   {recipe and photo credit} Oh and yes for the mimosa champagne in lieu of coffee or a cup of green tea – plus more pink drinks here 

Travel: Best Bakeries in Paris

I have a very deep-rooted connection to France – and in the past have very seriously considered relocating there – using the reason that I need to get to know family on my father’s side spread across the country.  But really – it’s because I feel that I have lived a past life in Paris. Because, the moment I step out of the plane, I belong, in the most peculiar way. It could very well be that I have been there a million times over the years and I understand the geography – but I would like to think that it is truly because I am longing for that past life I am sure to have lived. How does this relate to the best bakeries in Paris? You ask. Well, if you’ve been, or are a fan of this fair city, you would know that the foundation of it all is based upon these facts: Fashion, Food (which includes chocolate, pastries and champagne), Decor, Art, and that je ne sais quoi culture, only some of …

Travel: 50 Things To Put On Your Bucket List

In terms of Europe that is – because if you include the rest of the world and things to do – the list might just be unobtainable in one’s lifetime – unless you drop everything and just go. Hmmm – not a bad idea 🙂 So here they are in the order of where I’ve been and highly recommend, and what’s on my list of to-do’s and the rest is here: Where I’ve been and highly recommend: Where I am planning to see in the coming year and beyond:  

Boutique Hotel Picks – Most Beautiful National Parks – U.S.A.

I think Autumn is a great time to take a weekend or a few more days off from your day-to-day and just escape to any number of these beautiful ’boutique’ national park lodgings throughout the US.  I am excited that San Francisco’s Cavallo Point Lodge made it to that list:

Travel: Paris in the Fall

I’ve been thinking hard about taking a trip to Paris in the next few weeks, well…because I simply miss it. So while searching the best airfare, and rates at my favorite hotel, I came across this interesting article in Timeout Online of the 21 things not to miss while in Paris in the fall. Which, makes my need to go even better :).  Here’s what I would be doing: