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Where Do You Miss The Most?

While plugging away at work, perched on a semi-comfortable office chair in my remote work space at home, my mind occasionally wanders off to very specific corners of the world where I suppose my subconscious wants to be instead…

Dean Village – Edinburgh, Scotland. I stumbled upon this timeless spot a mile or so from the bustling downtown area of Edinburgh. I thought I was dreaming…it was so beautifully preserved.

Photo by Radu Daniel ( MRD ) on

Bougainvillea adorned white washed pathways on Santorini Island, Greece

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on

A stroll along the French Riviera

Photo by Morgan Victoria on


Photo by Emily Geibel on

Switzerland… all of it I can spend days walking across the greenest of pastures I’ve ever seen

Photo by Chris Czermak on

Where do you miss the most?

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