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Lifestyle: Architectural Interventions

While travelling I often marvel or frown upon the architectural interventions taking shape in every city and even in some unexpected towns across the globe.  I understand change is a good, and retrofitting is important to preserve the past and okay, even introduce a few modern takes on development – but I have mixed emotions about the idea of blending too much modern within the ancient. Sometimes, we can use a bit of nostalgia in this otherwise too technologically advanced culture of ours, where so much is being lost.

interior design: the likeable modern

I always go back and forth on modern design when it comes to interior design and decorating.  The reason I do that is because I think a home should seem less clinical and more endearing and also because since most work places are going in that direction, there should be a separation of work and what we’d like to call home. Anyway, to make my long story short, I am still on the fence, but that’s okay, I am entitled to my opinion. In the meantime, while I contemplate the style or the trend, I want to share a few of my favorites from here:

decor – vibrant yellow hues in interior decor

I am so glad Spring is here and I might say that San Francisco is getting a pretty good taste of it this week with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Usually around this time of the year, I begin to think about bright colors, flowers and all things Spring. So naturally my decor radar tends to lean towards unconventional  (and to some conventional) colors throughout the home. In this case, it is the color yellow. In my opinion, this color is also a hit or miss, depending on the shade or hue selected to incorporate throughout the home. It is also a color found mostly in mediterranean themed hotels and coastal homes. I for one love the color and as I stated before, if I had the chance to redecorate my home several times throughout the year, I would surely include the color yellow . Here are some of my favorite photos of yellow decor, tell me what you think?

chocolate hues in your home

Chocolate hues in decor can either be a hit or a miss ,if one is not careful while selecting the color to decorate a room. The wrong hue or a combination of chocolate (brown)  shades without accent colors can sometimes drive a person away from the room rather than embrace the environment. I, for one, love the color and while contemplating incorporating it into a friend’s apartment theme, I put together the following photos for her to reflect upon in order to “get it right”. Let me know what you think of using chocolate-brown in decor? Also, if  you have dabbled with the color in your interior decor, please do share your photos or links.

parisian decor in a san francisco apartment

One benefit of living in San Francisco is that you can actually duplicate French inspired decor into your lifestyle providing you are lucky enough to land the right Victorian or Edwardian style apartment. The interior requirements should be exposed parkay floors, an old white fireplace, french doors separating the living and dining room.  Rustic chandeliers (hopefully) hanging throughout the house and large  oblong windows. Anyway, in trying to figure out a theme for decorating my “impending” apartment, I have dabbled with the idea of creating a Parisian style apartment ambiance (of course to no one’s surprise) just to escape to when I get home from a hard days work.  Don’t worry I still appreciate modern design but every time I decide on the furniture or style, I somehow revert back to Parisian decor. Can’t blame a girl whose heart will always be in Paris 🙂

kitchen musts from a modern design perspective

There are many sides to my interior design taste but there is only two sides to my requirements and those are: STREAMLINED and FUNCTIONAL. I am a sucker for European design and will always opt for their products as a result of it rather than conform to most things in the states. Although, slowly as always but surely, the states are incorporating  “some” modern design styles while manufacturing their products. Anyway and either way, the reason I prefer a more streamlined approach to design (in this case appliances and other kitchen gadgets) is because  of the way the product makes a statement without being over the top. So, without further ranting and raving, I have included below my kitchen musts. The products can be found on, and

admiring french country decor

I think I was an interior decorator  in my other life, because I cannot seem to get enough of interior decor. The problem with admiring or appreciating a wide range of decor styles is that, it becomes more difficult to stay with just one theme year after year and hence the need to redecorate comes into play every two or three years.:) What I am beginning to discover is that, I either need several homes so that I could apply the different styles in each one or I may have to create my own eclectic style throughout my place in order to incorporate each style into one. One style of decor I tend to admire is, yes of course,  French country or French provincial  – in my opinion they are  almost one and the same but some  may argue otherwise.   Either way, it is a style to be appreciated and yet difficult to incorporate in apartment style living. (Which is my preferred choice of housing). Anyway, below are some photos I have put together which …