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parisian decor in a san francisco apartment

One benefit of living in San Francisco is that you can actually duplicate French inspired decor into your lifestyle providing you are lucky enough to land the right Victorian or Edwardian style apartment. The interior requirements should be exposed parkay floors, an old white fireplace, french doors separating the living and dining room.  Rustic chandeliers (hopefully) hanging throughout the house and large  oblong windows.

Anyway, in trying to figure out a theme for decorating my “impending” apartment, I have dabbled with the idea of creating a Parisian style apartment ambiance (of course to no one’s surprise) just to escape to when I get home from a hard days work.  Don’t worry I still appreciate modern design but every time I decide on the furniture or style, I somehow revert back to Parisian decor. Can’t blame a girl whose heart will always be in Paris 🙂

Inspiration option 1

If I choose a warmer look and feel I will use this option

Some pieces I'd like to see which require alot of convincing

This Has To Be Guest Bedroom

This will surely be approved by my other half

Bathroom Must



  1. maurico says

    You should realy consider going with a Roman theme for your place. You could even include a Roman bath! 🙂

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