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decor – vibrant yellow hues in interior decor

I am so glad Spring is here and I might say that San Francisco is getting a pretty good taste of it this week with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Usually around this time of the year, I begin to think about bright colors, flowers and all things Spring. So naturally my decor radar tends to lean towards unconventional  (and to some conventional) colors throughout the home. In this case, it is the color yellow. In my opinion, this color is also a hit or miss, depending on the shade or hue selected to incorporate throughout the home. It is also a color found mostly in mediterranean themed hotels and coastal homes. I for one love the color and as I stated before, if I had the chance to redecorate my home several times throughout the year, I would surely include the color yellow . Here are some of my favorite photos of yellow decor, tell me what you think?

inspiration: outdoor special occasion table setting

Call me crazy but I am ready for Spring, although it isn’t officially Spring until around March 22nd, I am ready for it right now. So, as I feel my stress level escalating to code orange from being cooped up indoors most of the day, I have decided to turn to my collection of outdoor special occasion table setting photos  to put a smile back on my face and give me a moment to daydream about Springtime. If you feel like I do today, find something that inspires you  and take a moment to escape mentally.

decor: splashes of white kitchen design

No matter how hard I try to avoid the color white in the kitchen, the more I seem to lean towards it. I guess it is my way of making sure all things are clean and bright since I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen cooking and baking. For some reason dark cabinetry doesn’t inspire me enough to spend any time in the kitchen. I feel a kitchen is a canvas and all food products are the colors which give it the character to be a warm and inviting kitchen. So, here I go again, looking at white cabinetry as an option, but this time I would use white marble countertops. As for  the floor color, texture and style, that is yet to be determined because it is contingent upon the actual location of the kitchen in the apartment (a.k.a flats and lofts)  I am currently searching to purchase and redecorate. Here are my top pics for ideas, let me know what you think?

experiencing france through montreal canada

Outside of Paris, my second favorite place to visit in order to get my dose of French essence is Montreal, Canada. Although most of my visits there revolve around   family, I manage to sneak in a day to escape the norm and traditions just to reconnect with the city, in my own way. It isn’t difficult to feel as though you are in parts of France, while in Montreal, because every where you turn there is a reminder of the French culture. Whether in street signs or billboard advertisement, architecture and cobble stoned streets,  restaurants and cafes, bookstores and more, the make up of the city exudes a more Parisian feel than most any other place around the globe which is influenced (previously colonized) by French culture. One of my favorite times of the year to visit the city is in the Fall.  According to family, Montreal seldom sees sun and is often times more cloudy and rainy than the locals prefer. Plus the humidity in the Summer months is most unbearable outside air-conditioned …

chocolate hues in your home

Chocolate hues in decor can either be a hit or a miss ,if one is not careful while selecting the color to decorate a room. The wrong hue or a combination of chocolate (brown)  shades without accent colors can sometimes drive a person away from the room rather than embrace the environment. I, for one, love the color and while contemplating incorporating it into a friend’s apartment theme, I put together the following photos for her to reflect upon in order to “get it right”. Let me know what you think of using chocolate-brown in decor? Also, if  you have dabbled with the color in your interior decor, please do share your photos or links.

for the love of cooking

While in transition, I had to sacrifice having a kitchen in order not to complicate the process.  In the meantime, I have had to scramble around and find creative ways to eat and believe me, not only is it challenging but downright depressing. Why you may ask? Well it is because I love cooking and enjoy nothing more than a home cooked meal on my own terms. So in order to get my fix for  kitchen gone missing, I often walk through specialty stores for  kitchen  gadgets and cooking supplies. One place I enjoy is a a store (perfectly named in my opinion) called  Sur La Table.  The store is not much different from any other kitchen related specialty store but it is a fun one to experience no less. Okay, I admit the French theme has something to do with it. Anyway, since I am considering creating a more French inspired theme throughout my next place of residence, I walked out with a list of items to include when it comes to organizing or furnishing …

in search of fall colors in san francisco

One of my favorite activities is walking. Of course I do it mostly for exercise but when I am walking in a more leisurely pace, it is so I can just take in the outdoors. Fall is especially a wonderful time to take a leisurely walk, because if you happen to live in a city where the leaves turn color, it is probably one of the most rewarding walks you will experience (at least for me).  However, in San Francisco we are not fortunate enough to experience the fall colors because, outside of the parks, we are mostly treeless and the type of trees we do have, they do not change colors. When I worked at Stanford University six years ago, I had the pleasure of walking the campus every morning before work and in the Fall, I was able to enjoy the colors while I shuffled through the fallen leaves.  As a matter of fact, there are benches strategically placed along tree-lined pathways and if you are bold enough to sit on one of them on …

parisian decor in a san francisco apartment

One benefit of living in San Francisco is that you can actually duplicate French inspired decor into your lifestyle providing you are lucky enough to land the right Victorian or Edwardian style apartment. The interior requirements should be exposed parkay floors, an old white fireplace, french doors separating the living and dining room.  Rustic chandeliers (hopefully) hanging throughout the house and large  oblong windows. Anyway, in trying to figure out a theme for decorating my “impending” apartment, I have dabbled with the idea of creating a Parisian style apartment ambiance (of course to no one’s surprise) just to escape to when I get home from a hard days work.  Don’t worry I still appreciate modern design but every time I decide on the furniture or style, I somehow revert back to Parisian decor. Can’t blame a girl whose heart will always be in Paris 🙂

kitchen musts from a modern design perspective

There are many sides to my interior design taste but there is only two sides to my requirements and those are: STREAMLINED and FUNCTIONAL. I am a sucker for European design and will always opt for their products as a result of it rather than conform to most things in the states. Although, slowly as always but surely, the states are incorporating  “some” modern design styles while manufacturing their products. Anyway and either way, the reason I prefer a more streamlined approach to design (in this case appliances and other kitchen gadgets) is because  of the way the product makes a statement without being over the top. So, without further ranting and raving, I have included below my kitchen musts. The products can be found on, and

french linen, laundry bags and throw pillows

Now here is a concept I am growing to love these days. French linen bags and pillow covers being introduced in the U.S.  I have seen them pop up here and there in the past, but not to the extend I notice them more in stores these days. I like it and have included some photographs  for you to ponder over as well. Just in case you are wondering, these items are available at Restoration Hardware and Neiman Marcus and I am almost certain at your local boutique designer stores. Let me know what you think?