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An Invitation To Guest Post on Raw Silk and Saffron

We are interested in starting a community of like-minded humans right here on Raw Silk and Saffron. This is all in the name of fun and sharing and nothing more about… Travel Parenting Grandparenting Hobbies Environment Novelists or those who take creative writing seriously Film Buffs Photographers Lovers of food and wine and chocolate naturally So here’s what you need to so. Send your topic via email or below form. Something informative, funny, helpful, inspirational and in exchange (if contents are approved) we will share it right here on Raw Silk and Saffron.

Today’s Pretty Things

It has been a week – on a personal level, with a car break in, plumbing issues lost driver’s license, and health related concerns, and yet I am buying a bouquet of flowers, and sprucing up the house, to do my best in staying positive or even optimistic. Photographs of pretty things help, especially these lovely ones. Hang in there if you are having an equally tough week. {featured image source and full credit}

Decor: We Don’t Have to Agree On Everything

Home decor is naturally based on one’s taste in how to create the most comfortable home while personalizing it to express one’s artistic qualities – was my thought process this morning, while taking part in four back-to-back zoom meetings for work. Yes, I often feel my brain wandering off to elsewhere during repetitive meetings or those not very well presented. But onto the decor I was referring to and parts of this home, I would love to see in mine. what has you feeling the need to escape the mundane?

Monday Updates and More Lovely Things

…And we are back – to another work week and the continuation of our current lifestyle – which by the way I have gotten so used to now. Have you? Lots happened over the weekend, mostly in my head, where I am now wondering how life will be after the pandemic. Will we be mindful, thoughtful and as tight knit as we have become while struggling through the same challenges, globally? Or will everyone simply bounce back to the norm before the storm…that has swept the entire planet to its current state? Just thinking out loud. But really, in San Francisco we are in the final weeks of the best weather, before the summer dense fog shrouds the city for the next three or four months.  So, I did some walking across the city again, while snapping photographs of the springtime blooms throughout. Then worked in my garden – which I’d been avoiding due to severe allergies in my family – but I have to say, it was the most invigorating as plans to revamp …

Randomness – But Good Topics For Happy Vibes

Some good things to know about on occasion,  or perhaps now much more than ever, to help us emotionally cope with our current environment.  Although I have adapted to this lifestyle, now going on nearly two months, some days I find myself very on edge. And then I turn to the positive, to help me through the most difficult of times. What feel good article do you want to share? Oh and by the way – Prince Philip {featured image full credit}

Weekend Recap and Some Questions

Hello Everyone! I decided to take a mini break from my computer this weekend, and instead spent more time in the kitchen learning our traditional cooking from my mother. A task I find myself needing more of these days – mostly because of the bonding we seem to have taken for granted in the past – being so busy with our lives.  But really – don’t you wonder now, why we were so busy or too busy for some things that seem to have become the more important of things since COVID-19? Besides the cooking and sharing of stories with mom,  I watched a few films which I feel the need to share since it brought up more questions. Like… The Humming Bird Project – touches on the greed factor in how businesses are run in the U.S. (in this case) where the race to build  the fastest high-frequency  fiber optic cable is at stake . The interesting part about this film was the many times human morals and behaviors were questioned and each time, …

Happy Easter From Our Home To Yours

I watch my neighbors take turns in entertaining their energetic sons while in their backyard, in between home-schooling breaks. The husband would stand at the top of the stairs, scrolling through his phone while the kids play in the garden below, while on the alternating days, the wife rolls up her sleeves and actually makes the kids help her with gardening.  It’s an interesting watch from where I have set up my home-office. I find myself looking forward to their playtime, and then get sad on days when they are not outside – feeling all sorts of out of proportion. So no matter what is happening in your neighborhood, or lack thereof, spend today in appreciating  the smaller wonders in life – and have faith that soon life will be back to normal. {featured image source here and here}

Food: Will Bake Cross-Buns For Easter Sunday

After forty minutes in line at the grocery store aiming to buy essentials, I was surprised to find a good portion of a pot roast in the meat section. Which of late has been only stocking up on ground beef, some turkey, and chicken. So I grabbed it thinking we’d have roast for Easter Sunday Dinner. Which I announced, the second I shed my outdoor clothes off in the garage, and took a hot steaming shower. It felt like a small accomplishment being able to treat the family to a special dinner – a variation of a British traditional Sunday roast I love when in England. But today – being Saturday, I will attempt to make cross-buns which I normally buy from my favorite bakery – on my way home from work on Good Friday, I stop by the bakery and grab a dozen perfectly wrapped in a cellophane bag, and tied with blue, yellow or green ribbon. Something I look forward to every year. For this year however, while we are all trying to …

Lifestyle: Have you Considered…

Yes, we are doing this, this morning. Getting a pep talk. You see I was up all night thinking about the various  conversations that I had with different people throughout the day which sadly brought my mood down. I mean you might very well know that right now we can all use more positive thinking than most other times to help get through these difficult of days/weeks/and for sure months. The sucky part was that I wondered while laying in bed, with eyes wide open, hyperventilating – whether those folks that I spoke to were sound asleep, since they were able to offload some of the weight from their shoulders onto someone like me – a solid listener, and provider of the utmost reassurances. So, if you happen to be in my shoes, or their shoes, or on the fence as to which end of the stick you are holding right now, I share with you some wonderful reads I found online which got me to this morning.  By the way, have you considered going …