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Travel: Travel West, You Might Just Love It

When travelling through Europe, I often strike up a conversation with others either on the trains, or in restaurants, I want to know where people are from and where it is they have traveled. The interesting part of all this, is that the moment someone finds out I am from San Francisco, they tend to say just how much they love America – New York, Miami – which isn’t all of America, but a part of the country considered most ideal for tourists coming from Europe and beyond.  But I am here to tell you there is more – much more to see west of the Mississippi – Louisiana, Montana, Arizona and naturally the west coast.

Boutique Hotel Pick – Carneros Resort and Spa – Napa, Califronia

Although Napa is only an hour away from San Francisco, I cannot help but plan a weekend or weekday getaway to this newly renovated spot – Carneros Resort and Spa – in the heart of Napa Valley with my best companion at my side – fourteen year old Yorkie. {photo credit}

Travel: California Wineries

In my opinion, February and October are the best months for the wineries in California – in terms of the beautiful photo opps.  February, thanks to the yellow mustard plants covering entire fields – the color contrast most welcoming against the bare blackened vines. October is harvest season, when the grapes are robust and deep variations of purple, and maroon, some even tranquil shades of green – intertwined with the changing Autumn colors of the leaves. So, naturally you have to plan a trip to California to see unique and some of the  most beautiful wineries: Sunstone Winery

pacific heights – san francisco – an architectural marvel

San Francisco is probably one of the most beautiful travel destinations I can recommend. But of course you all already know that, right? What I truly appreciate the most about my city is the fact, that even though it is comparatively small to most other metropolitan cities, the hills more than make up for the size and of course the fact, within walking distance or (a Muni ride) away, you can experience different cultures within each district (or neighborhood), making it actually and suggestively  a huge city. My choice of exploring any city is of course walking and one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore, not only because of the challenging hills, which give me a great work out, but also the architectural marvel for my visual therapy away from the 9×11 computer screen. Now, I have included some street signage for you, amazing tourists from around the world and neighboring states and Southern Cal  as a guide, so that when you are visiting the city, you can chart your walking tour based on the …

inspiration: outdoor special occasion table setting

Call me crazy but I am ready for Spring, although it isn’t officially Spring until around March 22nd, I am ready for it right now. So, as I feel my stress level escalating to code orange from being cooped up indoors most of the day, I have decided to turn to my collection of outdoor special occasion table setting photos  to put a smile back on my face and give me a moment to daydream about Springtime. If you feel like I do today, find something that inspires you  and take a moment to escape mentally.

valentine’s day romance – suggestion 3 – spa day

Cliche you might say, but couples over 40 tend to mostly dream or talk about a spa day, more so than actually do something about it. Either because, they are too busy or just, don’t consider to include it in their budget. So don’t laugh when I suggest a couples spa day as a  Valentine’s Day gift for one another. Either the weekend before or on the actual day – again depending on work and kids. For example, just outside of San Francisco, in Napa and Sonoma county we have dozens of spas ranging in price and techniques to consider.  And although we  have them all over the bay area,  for some reason I feel on this special occasion, it is more romantic to go to the wine country and have a spa day then just around the corner from where I live. However, planning for this day takes alot of work. A partner has to be willing to take the time to research and organize it in order to surprise their loved ones properly. …

chocolate hues in your home

Chocolate hues in decor can either be a hit or a miss ,if one is not careful while selecting the color to decorate a room. The wrong hue or a combination of chocolate (brown)  shades without accent colors can sometimes drive a person away from the room rather than embrace the environment. I, for one, love the color and while contemplating incorporating it into a friend’s apartment theme, I put together the following photos for her to reflect upon in order to “get it right”. Let me know what you think of using chocolate-brown in decor? Also, if  you have dabbled with the color in your interior decor, please do share your photos or links.

all things coffee

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I hit 40-somthing. I guess I was naturally hyper enough in my younger days and didn’t need the stimulant to jump-start me. But now, if I don’t have a cup of coffee in the morning, I simply cannot get in gear. I try some days to not have a cup and I am okay with it, but by the next day I feel it is somewhat crucial to down a cup. I love to explore unique coffee shops, especially while traveling and often times settle on out of the norm places, because of the type of coffee they use to create their blends, the style in which the coffee is served, and the ambiance and decor. The type of music emanating from their speakers helps as well. My  favorite coffee shops are of course throughout Europe, mostly France and Italy and while there, it is really difficult to turn any corner without seeing a unique coffee shop or coffee bar. What is most enjoyable for me is the fact, …

dean and deluca – my very own disneyland

Walking through a Dean and Deluca Store is like being in Disneyland for me. I have dreams about it the night before my trip to Napa, then when I am there,  I make time to visit the store no matter what, walking through every aisle as if I had never been there before, annoying my other half each time. Finally after having either a pastry or a gelato, I leave the place feeling sad just like any kid would do. On Saturday I made a stop at Dean and Deluca as usual and experimented with my camera in oder to show you what I am talking about.  Enjoy the photos and remember while you are in Napa be sure to stop by the store. View all