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valentine’s day romance – suggestion 3 – spa day

Cliche you might say, but couples over 40 tend to mostly dream or talk about a spa day, more so than actually do something about it. Either because, they are too busy or just, don’t consider to include it in their budget.

So don’t laugh when I suggest a couples spa day as a  Valentine’s Day gift for one another. Either the weekend before or on the actual day – again depending on work and kids. For example, just outside of San Francisco, in Napa and Sonoma county we have dozens of spas ranging in price and techniques to consider.  And although we  have them all over the bay area,  for some reason I feel on this special occasion, it is more romantic to go to the wine country and have a spa day then just around the corner from where I live.

However, planning for this day takes alot of work. A partner has to be willing to take the time to research and organize it in order to surprise their loved ones properly. Believe me the benefits from the spa day is most rewarding, especially before an s amazing dinner at a restaurant in the area (Napa or Sonoma in this case).

I have included a link here for your consideration (if you happen to be from the bay area) otherwise, I would love to hear from anyone with a list of suggestions from their part of the world.

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