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valentine’s day romance – suggestion 4 – dinner and a movie

Now, I saved the best for last, well at least from where I am sitting. Dinner and a movie suggestion for a romantic evening at home is ideal in every sense of the word, if done right.

This suggestions would be best if, those with children, are able to find a sitter away from home and if one partner can surprise the other with it.

Rent a couple of the movies I have suggested above or others that you think are in line with a love story/romantic theme. Contact your local purveyor of fine foods or a restaurant to order a steak or seafood dinner for two.  I prefer  Dean and DeLuca’s Valentine’s Day Meal  from their menu here . They also carry a large selection of champagne as well as  sparkling wine or wines in general so it makes the planning easier.

Organize the living room or family room (wherever the television is) for the setting. Setting up the center coffee table with candles, flowers and fine china is ideal place to eat, while sitting on a bunch of pillows.

Just keep in mind some of the films have not yet been converted to blue ray or whatever new DVD type gadget there are out there, so order the films accordingly


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