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boutique hotel pick – il sogno di giulietta – verona, italy

Keeping in line with the  Valentine’s Day theme and also with my Italy obsession  for 2011, I decided to include a boutique luxury hotel, (which I recommend by the way),  located in the heart of Verona, Italy.

In case there are a handful of people who are wondering  what Verona has to do with Valentine’s Day theme, well I am here to tell you that Verona is not only one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it is also the hometown of Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet  (just in case I wasn’t clear enough). Of course their story goes without saying, but just in case I need to clarify, it is the most famous love story ever told  by William Shakespeare and many tourist go to Verona just to pay homage to that fact.

What’s so interesting is that this particular property shares a courtyard with Juliet’s  house. In fact, it has a view of  the famous balcony where Romeo expressed his undying love and devotion to Juliet.

The hotel is called  Il Sogno Di Giulietta. ( Juliet’s Dream) and although the courtyard  is a tourist trap during the day, at night  the gates are closed to the public so that the guests could have their privacy. So if you appreciate the renaissance period as much as I do and want to give your partner  the ultimate romantic vacation, surprise her this Valentine’s Day  with a travel dossier containing a week’s trip to Verona, Italy and a stay at Il Sogno De Giulietta, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.  Have a great weekend!

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