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boutique hotel pick – baglioni hotel – london, england

In light of the fact the Summer Olympics are in England this year, I had contemplated spending my vacation or holiday (I like that word better) attending some of the games.  I am still on the fence about it, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, just in case I can’t make it a reality. Anyway, here is my dream hotel pick for London: Baglioni Hotel , which according to the chain’s website  is “luxury with an Italian touch”. What more can I anyone ask for?

a villa in tuscany – vacation paradise

Between the condo renovation, work hiccups and other matters of family and home, I actually needed a break from the norm today by focusing on my vacation plans for the Fall. Although I love Paris and will consider spending every vacation day there, every single year, I have opted for  a trip to Italy this year because I needed material for my second novel. This time, I am considering  a villa stay in Tuscany just to “veg out”  and get inspired to at least draft the outline for the novel, if not more.  Since that is my plan, I  turned to my favorite site here which I used to use during my travel planning days, to get information about villa rentals abroad. The problem is, most villas house 3 or more vacationers and only a handful are available for just 2 guests. But through my persistance,  I found one villa just perfect for my needs. The problem now is I have to do alot of convincing to hopefully book the villa for our Tuscany portion of the …

when the going gets tough – escape to greece

Right about this time of year, I get the vacation planning itch. Although I pretty much know where I want to go every year, at the beginning of the year, sometimes what life decades throughout the year, almost forces me to imagination of a place I can actually escape to, where I could just sit by the ocean or sea and think through my problems. Well, today was one of those days, as I wrote the train to work this morning, I put on my i-pod and closed my eyes and quickly escaped to Greece. So I decided to post this entry and share some of my favorite photos of Greece.

boutique hotel pick – hotel palazzo giovanelli – venice, italy

Venice, Italy fullfills every bit of my fasination  with the renassance era. I just can’t get enough of this beautiful travel destination and no matter what season, the beauty of Venice is always overwhelming and more admiring, at least for me. Of course since this is the year I will be planning a trip to Italy, I must also include yet another favorite hotel of mine in Venice – Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli – as a highly recommend property for romance and elegance.

boutique hotel pick – hotel splendido – portofino, italy

Ahh, the wonder of Portofino, Italy. As if I need to sell the idea of Italy to anyone. The most amazing thing about Italy is that no matter what part you visit, it is a must see for sure and so if you ask me to add a part of Italy that is a must see, just in case you haven’t been, I would have to say Portofino here. As you know I leave the tourist information details to someone else to talk about, but I do suggest a boutique hotel in most places I have visited often and love dearly. So, with my own personal blog tradition, I have included yet one of my favorite hotels, Hotel Splendido to consider to make your trip to Portofino a dream vacation for sure.

boutique hotel pick – il sogno di giulietta – verona, italy

Keeping in line with the  Valentine’s Day theme and also with my Italy obsession  for 2011, I decided to include a boutique luxury hotel, (which I recommend by the way),  located in the heart of Verona, Italy. In case there are a handful of people who are wondering  what Verona has to do with Valentine’s Day theme, well I am here to tell you that Verona is not only one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it is also the hometown of Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet  (just in case I wasn’t clear enough). Of course their story goes without saying, but just in case I need to clarify, it is the most famous love story ever told  by William Shakespeare and many tourist go to Verona just to pay homage to that fact. What’s so interesting is that this particular property shares a courtyard with Juliet’s  house. In fact, it has a view of  the famous balcony where Romeo expressed his undying love and devotion to Juliet. The hotel is called  Il …

all things tuscany, italia

Earlier this year, I can actually start saying that now since we are in February, I had stated that I normally pick a country to vacation in and end up writing everything about it until I drive myself and my readers (probably) crazy. Well except for one of my good friends here, I know she doesn’t  get sick of Italy or all things Italian no matter what. So here’s to my friend and to Italy (cross fingers and hope I can go there this year), I have included photos of Tuscany to hold me over until I can make my vacation plans into a reality.   Have a great weekend everyone!

boutique hotel pick – parco dei principi – roma

As promised I am including some of my favorite luxury and also boutique hotels for Italy. This particular five-star property, the Parco Dei Principi,  is located in the heart  of  Rome, near the Villa Borghese park and in my opinion a wonderful place to stay in order to detox from the realities of every day life. To me, as I have stated before, hotels must be romantic or charming in order for me to feel like I am truly on vacation or holiday (as some would say) and although some of these properties are a bit pricy, the experience of staying in this particular one will be  most memorable – take my word for it. Have a great weekend!

boutique hotel pick – chateau de mirambeau – bordeaux

There are two quotes from Ernest Hemingway which I truly appreciate and probably live by, as I am an avid wine drinker and an “amateur” connesieur (if there is such a thing). Anyway the quotes are as follows: “Wine improves with age, the older I get the better I like it” “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world” With that said, I figured I better  include one of my favorite properties located in one of the greatest wine regions of the world, Bordeaux, France. Now although my hotel pick – Chateau De Mirambeau isn’t really a boutique hotel and more like a luxury hotel, I am still catagorizing as such because of the ambiance and the romantic feel of  the property. Chateau de Mirambeau, is located in the Mirambeau village between Bordeaux and Cognac and with it’s  14 rooms and 9 suites, you can only imagine how challenging it is to book a room, if not planned well in advance. Anyway, I will let their website do the talking, in the meantime enjoy …

christmas around the world contest

In light of my passion for travel, I have decided to include the following contest for my readers.  Below are photos of  various destinations  around the globe which,  either celebrate Christmas or  recognize the  holiday. The person who guesses the most locations will win a prize. Contest will run from December 22-25, 2010 and  results will be posted on December 26th. Contest open to US and Canada residents only 🙂 There are 10 photos total – click on photo above and below to enlarge for better visibility. Please send me an email at with your answers by midnight December 25th to qualify. Answers,winner(s)  and prize will be posted on the site on December 26th and prizes will be awarded based on the person with the most correct answers. Should there be more than 3 winners, we will have a lottery for the prize. Good luck and have fun!!!