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Decor: Subway Tiles or In This Case Not

I am a huge fan of what we refer to in the states, back splash for the kitchen walls in between the counter and the upper cabinets. I’m not sure when the trend all started, but it is a design wonder I appreciate. So just in case you are in the mood to update your kitchen or feeling the need to shake things up a bit, in a good way, then here are some interesting ideas to consider:

Lifestyle: Downsizing A Home

I have to say I live on HGTV, watching every show, even on repeat, about choices of homes and decor options people opt for. Even the ones who ditch their 3-bedroom-2bath lifestyle to ones in tiny places. And don’t get me started on folks interested in buying islands, or moving away to one continent to the other in search for their happy place. Well, I pretty much have found my happy place, in a small studio apartment with views overlooking the ocean in San Francisco. I couldn’t ask for a better lifestyle change from our 5-bedroom, 3-bath sprawl with a pool and all in Sacramento. I do admit at first it was a struggle, with the hubs and I getting in each other’s ways and feeling as if there wasn’t enough room for all of the “stuff” we carefully kept from all the downsizing we did. Actually, one of the exciting things about the move was that we sold everything – in furniture that is, and moved into our space with nothing really. Okay maybe …

Decor: Inspired By The Europeans

Streamline and sensible is what I realized over the years, my decor should be. I mean I have never been a fan of clutter, nor felt the need to over decorate. I’ve kept my home to a minimal for decades. And now since I am planning a tiny space renovation, I can’t help but fall in love with these concepts:

helpful hints around the kitchen ‘borrowed’

It’s so funny that I have my own way of doing things around the house or the kitchen mostly, like most of you do. The trouble is, when I do come up with a bright idea, which I refer to survival tactics, I seldom write them down, nor even remember to use it again. So, when I came across these cool suggestions here, I had to borrow it and pass it on. Hopefully this small exercise would force me to compile my own list finally of helpful hints around the kitchen: {click here for more suggestions, suggestion with photo credits and detailed explanations. I am in no way taking credit for any of the photos or information – merely sharing}