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Would You…

I do much thinking and contemplating throughout the day, even in the most busiest hours. My mind tends to wander off, to the most unusual of thoughts. For example: If I had a armoire or a closet fit for royalty, would I make an effort to look my best every day or maintain my post-pandemic look? {source} If I held on to the most cherished of friendships, I wonder where in time and space we would meet? {source} I’ve recently started watching Three Pines, set in Quebec and surrounding areas in Canada. Although I could not have imagined a more perfect small town for a hideway getaway. The murders which took place throughout the series had me thinking twice… {Photo Source} One evening in my state of restlessness, I decided on learning the art of watercoloring. Not sure how this new adventure in my otherwise mundane life will pan out, but I am excited to share. Once it takes off…so stay tuned. Are you aching to learn a new hobby? Although we’re only in week …

Topics of Interest

It’s only Thursday, but for my post time-change-over-the-weekend brain, it feels like it should be a Saturday or June for that matter. Nevertheless, my day is filled with meetings. To the point that sitting still during a video call with a poker face is becoming more and more challenging. As I find my mind drifting off to the winding and narrow back streets of Cannes. Yes the one in France. That’s where I am inside my head, while perched on a ergonomic chair, looking at the camera. Why Cannes, I don’t know. But 20 minutes into a meeting, and I am whisked away to those streets. When the meetings are done, I walk from my desk to my bed and lay there for a second or two in an effort to clear my head or plan dinner. That is until someone pings me for attention… So in case you feel the need to escape from all things mundane, read on. For the love of Downtown Abbey, you’ll be glad to know the sequel A New …

These Fun Gift Ideas for Grads and Dads or Moms

Father’s day is around the corner, or college graduation and this gift idea is one of the best if you ask me – maybe even go past the college bar sketch – and forward to other meaningful brick-and-mortar you feel the need to hang in your study, home-office, or (man/woman) cave of sorts and perhaps be able to commission the artist to expand in their craft  🙂 Either way, I am loving it. oh wait – there is more from this artist  

Lifestyle: Art Matters Doesn’t It

Several framing shops and art galleries are closing around the greater San Francisco bay area, and that idea makes me sad. Because I keep assuming the worst – that art is becoming a thing of the past. Or maybe folks are simply creating their own works of art, and ordering-on-demand from a number of online shops. Well, here’s hoping art stays around for a very long time and remains an appreciation for generations to come. {Source here, and here} Here’s my contribution to arts – check it out

Decor: Simple Kitchen Changes To Refresh For That Holiday Party You’re Hosting

So it’s your turn – is it? For that family, or friends get-together in your humble home. But after agreeing you realize – oh s**** the kitchen, and you either wish you could re-route the party to someone else’s home or find ways to spruce it up just in time for that amazing party you plan to throw. Here are some suggestions I found to be simply gorgeous and pretty lasting: And here’s the bonus to this article – how to throw a dinner party like the French – might be the best idea yet. Especially for this girl who is all things French at heart: