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It’s only Thursday, but for my post time-change-over-the-weekend brain, it feels like it should be a Saturday or June for that matter.

Nevertheless, my day is filled with meetings. To the point that sitting still during a video call with a poker face is becoming more and more challenging. As I find my mind drifting off to the winding and narrow back streets of Cannes. Yes the one in France. That’s where I am inside my head, while perched on a ergonomic chair, looking at the camera. Why Cannes, I don’t know. But 20 minutes into a meeting, and I am whisked away to those streets.

Photo by Helena Jankoviu010dovu00e1 Kovu00e1u010dovu00e1 on

When the meetings are done, I walk from my desk to my bed and lay there for a second or two in an effort to clear my head or plan dinner. That is until someone pings me for attention…

So in case you feel the need to escape from all things mundane, read on.

For the love of Downtown Abbey, you’ll be glad to know the sequel A New Era will be released in theaters in 2022. Any character you fancy? Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.


The most wonderful of an Airbnb cabin is featured here where one can escape to for a week or two once the borders are open for Australia.


There is a quiz posted here designed to determine what Thanksgiving menu you should follow. Would you…take a quiz, I mean? Or are you set in your ways and simply go with the same menu every year?

Photo by Nicole Michalou on

For the first timer – in terms of hosting Thanksgiving, here’s a helpful guide to Turkey-101. As for the more seasoned chefs, it doesn’t hurt to look.

Photo by Monstera on

And finally. This article stopped me in my tracks since I am an artist by hobby and often swoon over sketch work in pencil. But this…is by far, the best I have seen.


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