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ten best cities in the world – conde nast traveler

I have to repeat, I love traveling and also love it when I find an article taking a vote about traveling, like the one here about the Ten Best Cities In The World.  It’s hard to make such an assumption or conclusion when each city in varying  destinations around the world, has it’s own charm, beauty and personality (if you will) and can in no way  be measured against another. I get it some places are dodgy and lack character, but to title an article TEN BEST CITIES IN THE WORLD versus SOME OF THE BEST CITIES IN THE WORLD is, in my opinion, bias (never mind the fact, I have been to each and every one of them on the list and agree to some extent 🙂 ). But in any case,  just to apease the curious, here are the 10 cities per the Conde Nast Traveler article to be dubbed the best:   {photo and article credit, click here}

romance with the island of santorini, greece

Having lived on almost an island (well a Peninsula) all my life, I have a certain appreciation for places around the globe which are either small towns or villages near water or an actual island. With that said, I can’t resist reflecting on my trip to Santorini, Greece a while back. Santorini is hop skip away from Athens Greece and can be accessed via air or sea. I chose air, because I figured I didn’t want to get seasick and a flight in my mind meant a shorter trip to my destination. Of course at the time, I didn’t factor in getting to the airport, waiting for the flight, dealing with weather delays and of course finding a means to get to the car rental agency on Santorini. But an adventure is always exciting, even if at times it is scary. So, with a small luggage in tow, my travel partner and I, after enduring the longest flight on the shortest distance ever, finally got to the island in the afternoon. The airport, being very small, …

as my mind travels to all good things paris

I have to tell you, I just can’t help myself no matter how hard I try. The worst is that the closer it gets to summer, the more I get restless about taking a trip to Paris. The worst part of it is that most any travel website I visit or go shopping anywhere, there is always a reminder of my favorite city via a photographer of the famous Eiffel Tower. I never realized how impressionable the darn thing is in most everyone’s lives? The only other icon most of us are touched by, one way or another, is a  silouette of Mickey Mouse’s head. (I know you know what I mean) Anyway, back to Paris and some of my favorite reminders. Enjoy and happy weekend to you all.

when the going gets tough – escape to greece

Right about this time of year, I get the vacation planning itch. Although I pretty much know where I want to go every year, at the beginning of the year, sometimes what life decades throughout the year, almost forces me to imagination of a place I can actually escape to, where I could just sit by the ocean or sea and think through my problems. Well, today was one of those days, as I wrote the train to work this morning, I put on my i-pod and closed my eyes and quickly escaped to Greece. So I decided to post this entry and share some of my favorite photos of Greece.