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Sunday Morning Edition – Is Purely for Entertainment

Slow down October! What’s the rush? I mean, I was in a department store the other day and walked past the holiday decor section, only to discover there are now holiday specific sections as follows:   All Halloween items on sale. Thanksgiving in full display and full-price and Christmas on pre-sale.  I had to step back for a moment and jar my memory about what day and month that it was. I don’t really like to shop for Thanksgiving or Christmas in mid to late September but I suppose everyone is doing everything they can to stay competitive with ETSY or otherwise online speciality sites offering up the most unique of decorations and in abundance. Anyway, just figured I’d throw that out there before I share the following:

Boutique Hotel Pick – The Landsby – Solvang, California

I never say no to a weekend getaway to Solvang, Calfornia – where I get a dose of all things Danish. Naturally, indulging in amazing Danish pancakes, and other pastries in a number of cafes and eateries adorning the simple town. It is my near-fix in between my trips to Europe. Over July 4th weekend this year, while in Solvang, waiting at curbside to be seated for breakfast here, I noticed The Landsby and after breakfast walked across the street to take a closer look – and talk to the staff at reception about the property and all things relevant for me to make a reservation for a weekend getaway in October, when the weather is most ideal in California, in  particular , the Santa. Inez wine country. And what’s wonderful for me,  is that the hotel is pet-friendly.

Boutique Hotel Pick – Carneros Resort and Spa – Napa, Califronia

Although Napa is only an hour away from San Francisco, I cannot help but plan a weekend or weekday getaway to this newly renovated spot – Carneros Resort and Spa – in the heart of Napa Valley with my best companion at my side – fourteen year old Yorkie. {photo credit}

Travel: Destination Wedding

The idea of a prince marrying an American girl was something the Hallmark channel mastered  – telling a story that could only be a fairytale. I mean, in real life, there was Grace Kelly who married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in the late 50’s. But we were all too young to remember that one and so we resolved, watching and daydreaming through the Hallmark movies – until of course late last year, when it was  announced that Prince Harry would marry Meghan Markle on May 19. So I thought it would be fun to share a destination wedding venue to consider in case you are  planning a fairytale wedding of your own.

Travel: Airfare Deals and Where To Go

First order of business: Mark your calendar to wake up very early this Monday, which is also known as  Cyber Monday – and get yourself the best of airfare deals. And then consider Canada – according to Condé Nast Traveller – there are 16 reasons to visit Canada in the winter Or book one of these beautiful Ski Resort as a romantic destination Or plan a trip for the near future – to a travel place that won’t break your bank. Here’s seven just in case you favor lots of choices And last, if you are getting married in 2018, then buy an around the world ticket to search for that perfect outdoor space    

Travel: Gifting An African Safari

Everyone needs to experience an African Safari at least once in their lifetime. And with that believe I share with you the idea of gifting an African Safari – to celebrate a wedding anniversary, or a special birthday or even as a honeymoon destination. Put the idea (that came to me while watching The Crown)  in a box under the Christmas tree this year and see a loved one’s eyes well-up… in a good way hopefully 🙂 Check out the hottest African Safari Camps to consider –

Fashion: Unique Wedding Gowns

I always strive to be unique – which some may refer to as being rebellious? While I strolled along the shopping district in every city and small town I came across in England, Scotland and France, I was most taken away by unique fashion trends, in bold colors, patterns, mixed fabrics and anything that worked to my eyes. I found myself trying to convince my friend to appreciate what I see in those fashion statements. So the other day I found these wonderful wedding gowns and as usual felt the need to share: