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Sunday Morning Edition – Is Purely for Entertainment

Slow down October! What’s the rush? I mean, I was in a department store the other day and walked past the holiday decor section, only to discover there are now holiday specific sections as follows:   All Halloween items on sale. Thanksgiving in full display and full-price and Christmas on pre-sale.  I had to step back for a moment and jar my memory about what day and month that it was. I don’t really like to shop for Thanksgiving or Christmas in mid to late September but I suppose everyone is doing everything they can to stay competitive with ETSY or otherwise online speciality sites offering up the most unique of decorations and in abundance.

Anyway, just figured I’d throw that out there before I share the following:

I was told once, in a creative writing class, that you never refer to whiskey from Scotland as Scotch whiskey – it is purely known as Scotch so I figured with the holidays upon us – a lesson or two about Whiskey is always a good idea

I might be late in this – but a wedding or a milestone anniversary celebration in rustic fashion is the best for Fall/Autumn. Especially when you understand your Whiskey

I do love a good old fashioned Halloween decor and here’s how in case you want to embark on the project with or without kids

Transition your home decor to Fall setting

Curled up on the sofa on a Saturday evening with that perfect tumbler of whiskey in hand (since you are an expert now) and you have nothing to do but watch movies – season appropriate movies which are suggested here

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