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Holiday Series: Gift Ideas For the Traveler

That would be me – the traveler, so I figured I’d kick off my holiday gift idea series with some ideal gifts for the traveler in your life or the ones you are trying to introduce the idea to – that travelling is probably one of the best experience any human can have in their lifetime and a lifetime spent not travelling – is a life not lived well. 🙂 {featured image and source}

Boutique Hotel Pick – Belmond La Residencia – Mallorca, Spain

I can’t say it enough – October is a wonderful time to travel and with the need of taking a week or so to simply unplug, you may want to consider Mallorca, Spain and this spectacular boutique hotel, which is  wonderful anniversary present, or a honeymoon destination or just because. I mean really, what more do I need to say?

Travel: From Affordable Luxury Vacations to UberBOAT Island hopping

As I stated earlier this week, we are coming to the best travel months of any year – you know, past the summer rush with college students and lots of families and group travelers crowding every city or town, most anywhere in the world. Driving the prices for accommodations to high season rates, and the locals to grow inpatient with all the chaos. I do my best to stay away the summer months and plan my trips in early Spring or Fall. For this very reason – I have decided to share some interesting suggestions for those of you planning to vacation like me – semi-off-season, or what I like to call ‘adult vacationing’

Travel: Gifting An African Safari

Everyone needs to experience an African Safari at least once in their lifetime. And with that believe I share with you the idea of gifting an African Safari – to celebrate a wedding anniversary, or a special birthday or even as a honeymoon destination. Put the idea (that came to me while watching The Crown)  in a box under the Christmas tree this year and see a loved one’s eyes well-up… in a good way hopefully 🙂 Check out the hottest African Safari Camps to consider –

Travel: All Things Paris

I’ve been to Paris nearly every single month of the year – except December and January and in 2018 I am adding to my bucket list to experience my favorite place on earth at least the month of December – right before and during all the holiday festivities. In the meantime, here’s what I have learned recently…

Travel: Best Countries to Visit 2017 and 2018

I couldn’t resist comparing these lists – when it comes to suggestions offered up by various  travel sites about where to travel next. In 2017 – Conde Nast Traveler suggested these destinations: Canada American Mid-West Cuba Bermuda Athens Scotland Scandinavian Countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden) Portugal Croatia Jerusalem New Zealand Tokyo Zimbabwe Rawanda Buenos Aires Chilean Patagonia Uruguay In 2018 – These are the countries recommended by Lonely Planet Chili South Korea Portugal Djibouti New Zealand Malta Georgia in the Caucasus Mauritius China South Africa Where are you planning to travel in 2018?

Travel: America Made

I enjoy tourists – especially the ones that arrive in San Francisco in October – because they are well-travelled enough to know October and early November is the ideal time to visit the city. The ones that make the trip across any body of water tend to plan an entire trip across the country. And then there are the locals who consider a weeks long trip to somewhere USA. For that here’s what I offer up:

Travel: Not the Same Old…

I can’t figure out in which order travel falls into my top three obsessions – which are: writing, photography, travel. OR. Travel, writing, photography. OR Photography, travel, writing.  But it’s up there and so with that said, I am again online searching for more, much more about travel. In this case, not the same old ideas (hopefully).  Enjoy your Sunday afternoon read: