Travel: Not the Same Old…

I can’t figure out in which order travel falls into my top three obsessions – which are: writing, photography, travel. OR. Travel, writing, photography. OR Photography, travel, writing.  But it’s up there and so with that said, I am again online searching for more, much more about travel. In this case, not the same old ideas (hopefully).  Enjoy your Sunday afternoon read:

Can’t brag enough about Portugal, but if you’ve seen Lisbon and think that is all to this under-promoted country, then check out this list of all the beautiful cities and towns past Lisbon
Making the most of your layovers – here’s a list that offers a day tour you can take in between long layovers
Consider Lyon for your next adult French getaway – you might just be pleasantly surprised at all this city has to offer
I love it with an editor of a renown magazine offers up his/her secret travel destinations:
And finally for the dreamers like me, here’s an apartment in Paris for sale you might consider and then invite me to stay for a month or two or three

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