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Travel: Travel West, You Might Just Love It

When travelling through Europe, I often strike up a conversation with others either on the trains, or in restaurants, I want to know where people are from and where it is they have traveled. The interesting part of all this, is that the moment someone finds out I am from San Francisco, they tend to say just how much they love America – New York, Miami – which isn’t all of America, but a part of the country considered most ideal for tourists coming from Europe and beyond.  But I am here to tell you there is more – much more to see west of the Mississippi – Louisiana, Montana, Arizona and naturally the west coast.

Travel: San Francisco Coffee Shops Worth an Uber Ride from Union Square

I couldn’t stop at just “San Francisco Coffee shops” when I was thinking about the title of this post 🙂 Becaaaauuuusseee….San Francisco, Uber, Union Square and coffee are a package deal – in terms of the order of things to do for tourists while visiting this fine city, I call home.  (Mouthful I know) Anyway, if you are coming to town, or simply commuting in fron the Bay Area for some fun or shopping or a museum visit or just to get a glimpse of the ocean in October, then I suggest your first stop to be  one of these fine coffee shops that I have tested and love:    

Travel: Best Breakfast in San Francisco Past the Tourist Trap

San Francisco is an easy city to explore on foot, or a bus, or Uber or any means to get past all the tourist areas and the best way to plan it, is to start out with breakfast to some of my favorite and tested spots  in my city and the rest of the list of many others I plan to explore eventually:

San Francisco: Some of the Best Patio Seating

The other day I had lunch at Yumma’s on Irving Street, and after ordering our falafel wraps, my friend suggested we sit outside in their patio – which I had no idea they had. (I hadn’t eaten there for years). But it got me thinking about all of the wonderful tourists heading to this fair city which I call home, and so I decided to add a list from here and there of some of the best patio seating in San Francisco: 4505 Burgers & BBQ (705 Divisadero St.) The patio at 4505 Burgers & BBQ may seem a little unconventional  (it’s a converted parking lot), but that’s what gives it San Francisco charm. If the patio alone won’t get you there, then the mouthwatering burgers and ribs should. All Good Pizza (1605 Jerrod Ave) A pizza truck turned brick oven is doling out delicious pies in a parking lot in the Bayview that’s making people line up. Enjoy them at the covered picnic benches. Arlequin Cafe (384 Hayes St.) Walk into Arlequin’s back patio and …

Travel: San Francisco’s North Beach Restaurant Guide

I love living in San Francisco and exploring through the different neighborhoods to find the new it place to dine or a store to check out. But one thing I appreciate is the familiarity and consistency of North Beach, the traditional Italian neighborhood that always puts a smile on face, for staying the way it is for decades and hopefully not getting sucked into the modern take or transition to the city that is taking place in the last five plus years. Knowing October is the best time to visit my city, I found this helpful site that lists the best eateries in North Beach for the wonderful tourists that are planning a trip here. {featured photo credit}

three bars and a cafe – san francisco – no 5

I don’t know why, but recently I am in the mood to be in bars situated on a rooftop or the highest level of a building somewhere downtown. Perhaps because we’ve had clear skies for weeks, with 70 degree temperatures. I promise you I am not bragging, simply explaining my mood. So with that I’ve found three bars that fit the bill and a cafe, I happen to love, in an old-fashioned kind of way. Click on photo to be redirected:

union square san francisco – a holiday treat

This year, being that we are super busy on the weekends, we opted to do our annual traditional holiday dinner and shopping downtown on Monday night instead. So after work, we met up at Union Square and after a few cocktails and a wonderful dinner here, we shopped at Macy of course, then Bloomies, Saks Fifth Avenue, William Sonoma and then took a break with hot chocolate to enjoy Union Square. Thankfully the weather was nice and the ambiance as always unforgettable during this time of the year:  

three bars and a cafe – san francisco – no 4

The city is bustling with tourists and locals, getting together at bars and restaurants for a holiday gathering. It’s become difficult getting a reservation, unless of course you’ve planned ahead. But even still, here are a few more of my three bars and cafe recommend in the city by the bay: Click on the photo to be redirected