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Back From Staycation

Last week I had no intention of being online for work or play while I took a few days off to come to terms with a milestone birthday 2020 style. I did my best, drove out of town, day trips mind you, to places I haven’t been and some places I have and got a glimpse of how much different things are since the lock down. I was disappointed in some places, where folks did not wear their masks, and other places where too many people were grouped together for dinner or lunch. I felt very nervous, especially since the U.S. is not on track with recovery or making conscious efforts to adhere to the rules to help slow down the virus. As a result I am afraid that we may be headed for another lock down if we continue to play as entitled as we are bred in this country. As it stands EU has rightfully banned American travelers from going abroad and who knows which other nations will follow suit? But I am …

Travel: Italian Beaches

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was as good as it can be under the circumstances. I know I tried my best to stay on the upside, even while the downside was eating away at me. I walked across town on Saturday, and did much pondering and decision making over the current events shaping up or dismantling all that we have known and many things we never knew about but should. Sunday, I spent the day writing, and editing and figuring out all the wonderful topics and things I want to share this week with you all right here. Starting with this list of Italian beaches I want to experience, when travelling is safely altered to align with today’s environment. Until then, I’ll just be dreaming and adding to my travel bucket list. {featured images and source full credit}

A Lazy Saturday Topics of Interest

This time of year, I prefer the indoors, spending most of my weekends in my pajamas craving hot chocolate, baked goods, and naps. Don’t misunderstand. I have a list of chores I need to tackle, but for some reason, the gloomy outdoors has me needing to find inspiration… {featured image source and inspiration for this topic}

Travel: What You Might Want to Know – If It’s Your First Trip Abroad

I was excited to discover my first cousin has taken his family to Europe for the first time – and while they Instagram their trip, I smile at the thought of how excited his three daughters might be for experiencing something outside of the norm. So, while on the train commuting into the foggy downtown-San Francisco, I decided to compile a few interesting topics to cover what you might want to know if it’s your first trip abroad: And just in case you have trouble deciding how to pack for your first trip – here are some interesting of tips

These Fun Gift Ideas for Grads and Dads or Moms

Father’s day is around the corner, or college graduation and this gift idea is one of the best if you ask me – maybe even go past the college bar sketch – and forward to other meaningful brick-and-mortar you feel the need to hang in your study, home-office, or (man/woman) cave of sorts and perhaps be able to commission the artist to expand in their craft  🙂 Either way, I am loving it. oh wait – there is more from this artist  

Holiday Series: Gift Ideas For the Traveler

That would be me – the traveler, so I figured I’d kick off my holiday gift idea series with some ideal gifts for the traveler in your life or the ones you are trying to introduce the idea to – that travelling is probably one of the best experience any human can have in their lifetime and a lifetime spent not travelling – is a life not lived well. 🙂 {featured image and source}

Decor: Under The Tuscan Sun Villa is For Rent

I don’t know of any woman who was not taken away by the film Under the Tuscan Sun – when it first came out in 2003. Imaging a life as colorful as Frances Mayes’ in the film.  It’s funny, I still watch the movie now and again, feeling warm and fuzzy about the story as it unfolds onscreen. So – guess what made it to the top of my travel bucket list?

Romantic Dinner Prepared By You

Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is over-rated and simply too expensive and less personal. I mean the idea of sharing a romantic dinner with 50-75 other couples, all dressed up in like colors, in the past had me giggling the second my loved-one and I were ushered to our table. I think the most romantic is making dinner for him or for her. Send the kids off to the grandparents and take the afternoon off to make the perfect dinner for the special person in your life. And if cooking is unobtainable, then order in – with a bottle of his or her favorite wine. In case you choose to make dinner, there is a list of 25 romantic recipes to help with the process. Here’s what I’m going for. Please cross your fingers. I don’t like to mix alcohol – but the plan is – start with a good bottle of wine – in this case, I’ve chosen a bottle of Chateau St. Jean 2013 and since this variation is my first …