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Travel: What You Might Want to Know – If It’s Your First Trip Abroad

I was excited to discover my first cousin has taken his family to Europe for the first time – and while they Instagram their trip, I smile at the thought of how excited his three daughters might be for experiencing something outside of the norm. So, while on the train commuting into the foggy downtown-San Francisco, I decided to compile a few interesting topics to cover what you might want to know if it’s your first trip abroad:

24 Things to do in Barcelona

Choose carefully where you stay in Paris – as selecting your options based on price isn’t always the best idea. This list of 42 best hotels may help solidify your plans

Colombia – South America’s coolest comeback city according to this article

This list offers up the twenty most beautiful cities in Europe – which in my opinion is only the tip of the iceberg – Europe is beautiful everywhere

Chile is a place I’ve never been and would love to plan a trip to this wonderful destination

How to Take a train trip through Switzerland – which in itself is a therapeutic vacation.

And just in case you have trouble deciding how to pack for your first trip – here are some interesting of tips

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