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Food: Panna Cotta and a Story

When I was a child living in the middle east, my cousin, who was much older, 20plus years older, left our homeland to live in Paris so he could be a student of Le Cordon Bleu. Now, just in case you are not familiar with the culinary school, it is one of the best, was the best pack a century ago. I cried the day he left, not sure why, but I was only six and I hated seeing anyone in our extended family leave. Years later, we crossed paths in the states, and he invited our family for dinner. On the menu was  Panna Cotta adorned with fresh cherries he’d soaked in Grand Marnier, or a variation almost Panna Cotta, he’d learned to prepare at the very culinary school. Being a grown up and appreciating much of the finer things in cuisine, I ate one and then asked for a second serving and then stood in the kitchen afterwards discussing the ingredients he used to create the best dessert I have ever had. So you can imagine my excitement, when I stumbled upon this wonderful recipe and I have to say, I think Panna Cotta for treat  is in order this weekend, in honor of my chef cousin,  who passed away over a decade ago.


  • 500  ml (16.91 floz) fresh cream34% fat
  • 100  ml (3.38 floz) fresh whole milk
  • 4 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers
  • 50  g (3 tbsp) sugar
  • 12   (0.42 oz) gelatine sheets*

Ingredients for the caramel sauce

  • 50  g (3 tbsp) sugar

Ingredients for the decoration

  • 100 g (3.53 oz) cherries
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • A few dried chamomile flowers  {more here, and don’t worry if you are in the states, you can convert the measurements here}

Have you ever followed a recipe that reminded you of someone very dear or just a place you’ve been and that very idea has brought a smile to your face? 

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