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Lifestyles We Share

I think we can all agree and some may disagree that we have lots in common during this pandemic lockdown/half-lockdown/possible opening/maybe closing/much reservation in the season ahead – that we have found new ways to keep busy or distracted. In my case, updating the house, swooning over travel destinations, cooking, watching movies on various apps, and tapping into my artistic side – oh and don’t forget walking, lots of walking (which I used to do anyway) I’ve never been a fan of the gym. So this Thursday, while juggling a bathroom renovation, painting the kitchen cabinets to a lighter color – grayish-blue, and updating the bedroom, I am mostly focused on home renovations and what I am taking from each one: What’s got you distracted, or busy these days?

Decor: Fall Inspired

Every season I normally feel the need to switch up my decor, even if it means changing my throw pillow covers, and adding a few trinkets throughout the home, the need to feel the seasons indoor is in full force – especially Autumn…I mean how can anyone resists? And there is always the fall wreath collection to consider from here Ideas from Target – one of my favorite, and I am sure one of your favorite stores to walk into to buy one thing and end up with a dozen or more things you may or may not need, and doing everything in your power to hide that receipt from your hubs. 🙂    

Inspired By the English Countryside

This morning while commuting to work, bits of the film The Holiday came to mind. Particularly the English cottage where one side of the story took place. Followed by the eclectic decor of course, and then how wonderful the connection between Cameron Diaz and Jude Law’s characters were, sparkly eyes, and bright smiles, make the perfect holiday film, don’t you think? Add Cameron’s/her character’s fashion sense, and basically it is a well rounded and my favorite modern holiday film  I happen to watch every year. So you can imagine me wanting to share these beauties, and my desire to simply hibernate for the entire month of December or maybe trade places with someone itching to hang out in San Francisco. Any takers? So, here are my questions?  Have you seen the film The Holiday?  Which side of the story do you relate to?  If you had the chance to trade places, what part of the world would you consider?  Is the fact,  we are near completing the first week of November freaking you out?  I’m …

Holiday Series: Decoration Trends for 2018

Not a minute past Thanksgiving, in the United States, do the residents of this nation run to the malls for – what is known as black Friday shopping – for deals and ideas on Christmas decor and gifts and even a few goodies on deep discount for themselves. I remember the frenzy when I worked retail, the mall opening at the crack of dawn and the crowds rushing about to be the first at grabbing all things on display. I was very young and found the whole exercise amusing then, being behind the counter.  But now, it is a series undertaking – to commence black Friday at 6 p.m. the night before, right after the family Thanksgiving dinner.  I guess retailers realized not everyone honors the feast. So, in honor of black Friday or maybe even for those excited to get the holiday decorating started – here’s some ideas for 2018: And lastly – my favorite – advent calendar which is recommended for the man in your life but I find it the perfect unisex …

Decor: English Cottage Right About Now

Seeing gray every waking hour is not a good thing – referring to the dense fog and gloom cloaking all of San Francisco from mid-June to mid or late September. I keep forgetting how the dreary atmosphere can play up on my moods. You know, feeling sluggish, uninspired, questioning life, my existence. I normally put all these thoughts aside when the sun is out, and the temperatures upwards of 70’s. So, by Sunday night, all I do is crave color and naturally an English cottage getaway of course.

Decor: Traditional Homes You Can Rent In U.K.

Normally when I am in England, I spend a week or so near Norfolk – to visit family and I love it when we drive to Cornwall, or Cotswold for a few days in between my stay.  While there, I often joke about buying a house, although deep down I truly wish that I could – at least rent one for a few months to see if living abroad is doable really. Which house do you fancy? {featured image Cotswold, England}

Sunday Reads And A Cup of Coffee or Tea

Sunday mornings are the best. I wake up early no matter the leisure day, and  do a bit of reading an actual paperback with a cup or two of green tea in hand, and then get online to plan out my blogging week. All before breakfast :). I feel more accomplished like that. Anyway, without boring you with too much background, I share with you today’s interesting finds:

Lifestyle: How To Prepare for the Holidays If you Are Playing Host

The holiday season is upon us, and with it there is much to consider. Like how to clean or de-clutter your home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Or perhaps your kitchen lacks the necessary gadgets to prepare the meal, then again, what about a dinning room, and a fresh coat of paint and…well you get the idea. For that here are some helpful suggestions to get your started.