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Decor: The Power Of…

There are certain elements of decor that simply take my breath away, and has me smiling even through the most difficult of times.

Also, I never realized how important it is to maintain this artistic expression site of mine I call Raw Silk and Saffron.

So without much of words, I’ll share my thoughts

If you were on lockdown in an oceanfront one bedroom unit, where would you spend your hours, here?
Or here? If you were to ask me – I’d say here, doing all of my writing…
Do you believe in the power of gold…in terms of decor?
Perfectly embedded throughout your space…gold says so much
Even in the most subtle of ways…gold plays a impressionable role in decor
What eclectic approach to decor sets your mood?
Is anywhere simply an office – or do we need more to feel inspired?

{featured image source and full credit}

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