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Decor: The Power Of…

There are certain elements of decor that simply take my breath away, and has me smiling even through the most difficult of times. Also, I never realized how important it is to maintain this artistic expression site of mine I call Raw Silk and Saffron. So without much of words, I’ll share my thoughts {featured image source and full credit}

Decor: Fireplace Revamp Ideas

I stare at my mother’s living room fireplace with every visit, wishing I could update it and then I realize the 1930s build suits the house she calls her home. Well, maybe a minor update might do the fireplace some good and perhaps become the center of the space once more. {photo credit and source}

Decor: Office Envy

Not sure if anyone remembers, but back in January the management decided it was time to relocate our San Francisco office from SOMA down to Market street in an effort to ditch the high cost of office space rental in the city. SOMA is an up and coming and high in demand neighborhood for techy start up companies and the landlords around the neighborhood are simply kicking out old tenants in hopes of increasing their profits. Which has this local girl laughing – one because SOMA was not the most ideal neighborhood a couple of decades ago. In fact, it was the most abandoned until a dozen city planners, investors and engineers had the same vision to revamp and create the metropolitan city San Francisco was destined to become at one point or another. It was smart planning to say the least. The second, with the real estate crash in early 2000, most of the buildings in downtown San Francisco were vacant and tenants would do anything to fill the floors – low leasing options, …

Decor: Trends in Color for 2019

Is it too early in the morning to discuss decor? I mean it could be – considering the time change and our efforts to adjust. Decor is secondary, unless you happen to be on a commuter train, scrolling through your phone to stay awake. In terms of decor, I always feel the need to refresh a room in the house – give it a new coat of paint, change the curtains, or move the furniture around and add a plant or two, even go as far as changing the light fixtures – anything to welcome Spring. And here’s what I am thinking: {source}  

Decor: Simply Chic For Those Craving Coastal Living

My home decor is very earthy and peaceful. I live near the coast in San Francisco so my aim was to embrace the weather in the city, foggy mornings, with a touch of sun peaking through, all blended across the skies and reflected against the changing hues of the Pacific Ocean, some greenery inserted along the avenues, and mountains to the right establish the prefect of parameters.  I don’t imagine trading my view for much of anything else. I feel boxed in when venturing inland, because the coast gives me infinite tranquility I so need to calm all the anxiety I feel on a daily basis. Coming home from a long day of whatever else, is the best feeling, especially on a clear day, where each sunset is determined by the mood of Mother Nature. When I saw this simple decor, I had to share – because, really, who needs anything more?