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Decor: Trends in Color for 2019

Is it too early in the morning to discuss decor? I mean it could be – considering the time change and our efforts to adjust. Decor is secondary, unless you happen to be on a commuter train, scrolling through your phone to stay awake.

In terms of decor, I always feel the need to refresh a room in the house – give it a new coat of paint, change the curtains, or move the furniture around and add a plant or two, even go as far as changing the light fixtures – anything to welcome Spring. And here’s what I am thinking:

Believe it or not a year ago, this was the color of a guest bathroom, including the tile work, and paintings. I can’t believe this is back in trend for 2019

I love the idea of ALMOST white. Because there is a bedroom in the house, with a strange yellowish-white hue that I’ve grown tired of – this update would be ideal, considering the amount of light the room has

The idea of a retro dining space, a breakfast nook perhaps and the dusty blush color palette suggested

loving this kitchen entirely with misty blues

There is something about hunter green that I adore, but do not have the guts to incorporate in my decor. Perhaps a guest bathroom would be ideal



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