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herringbone pattern hardwood floors – a san francisco lifestyle

The beauty of living in a wonderful city like San Francisco is that you can actually choose to live in a Victorian or Edwardian style building with its original hardwood floors,  from the late 19th to early 20th century, still intact. I don’t know about you, but no matter how flooring suggestions evolve through the centuries, there is nothing more appealing than hardwood floors – especially if it’s distressed  herringbone design or pattern – throughout the home. So, just in case you disagree or are wondering what herringbone pattern is, just take a look below and then let me know what you think?

in honor of the color pink

One of my favorite color is pink. It wasn’t always like that but after Victoria’s Secret introduced us to the color pink with their beautiful shopping bags, pink was quickly added to my favorite color chart. The problem with pink is that if it isn’t the right shade or incorporated with the right accent colors, it almost looks unappealing. I know most women in the U.S. shy away from it because as a child they were forced to wear pink and when they had daughters of their own, all the gifts included the dull, traditional pink color. What has happened over the years however, is that the color pink has taken on a whole new look. We have so many variations (or hues) of pink that it is almost a sin not to consider the color in home decors, clothing lines and now even appliances, motorcycles and sometimes hair color. My favorite shade or hue is the cherry blossom flower colors pictured here and I must admit I use the color throughout my life proudly. …