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shoes: sale at nordstrom my picks

Working in the city, we are no longer required to dress up. Let me rephrase, maybe dress up  just in retail and some banks. I laugh. Only because a decade ago everyone was required to look corporate. Lots has changed, and I am okay with it. Love coming to work dressed in jeans if I want to or dress up if I choose to.  So, shoes play a part in the look, as we know it, and most of the time I prefer to be comfortable  to walk everywhere for lunch, to climb hills, and hop on and off busses and trains, running to them on occasion. Anyway, long story short, I walked into Nordstrom to simply order my favorite pomegranate ice tea, and ended up walking out with a few pairs of shoes. Ehmm. Oh well. Click here to go there-Norsdstrom Shoes

fashion: my style autumn to winter

Our autumns are not your typical. We don’t necessarily dive into cooler temperatures during the three months here in San Francisco like some places. We actually experience Indian Summer, in my dictionary defined as the best travel season for this amazing city. With that said, it is very difficult to plan for Fall weather outfits. So we dream. well mostly me, and maybe a dozen other locals of Fall outfits. Here are a few of mine. Which technically I can wear during “our” Fall-like winters. 🙂 For source, click here for my Pinterest board