Month: June 2014

a quick stop in solvang, california

On my way to Santa Barbara, I stopped off in Solvang for some good old-fashioned Dutch waffles breakfast, temporarily thinking I was in Europe. It was a perfect few hours, strolling through the quant town, almost Disney-like for all tourists, listening to conversations in German, Dutch and French among locals and tourists. Of course I stocked up on pastry, admitting to my followers shamelessly of course.        

summer time make up suggestions borrowed

I am not a make up expert nor do I claim any one brand over the other being the best. I’ve used the same brand for decades and since they evolve with time/or simply repackage, I stick with what I know best and that is them – the colors always subtle, the foundation perfect and the touch almost natural. So, I seldom try new things for fear of looking pasty or scary or too Kardashian-like since I come from the same makeup 🙂 overly covered up, often camera ready. But…I found some information from an expert and feel it necessary to share with my readers, running to the store over the weekend to invest in the regiment, suggested for use during the summer months.  (FOR FULL CREDIT ON THE ARTICLE, PLEASE CLICK HERE) The Five Step Summer Makeover 1. Instead of using foundation which is not always needed for the summer months, Giorgio Armani luminescence CC cream gives a light coverage and subtle glow with the added benefit of SPF 35.  Apply all over the …

indulge: white truffle french fries

There is nothing wrong with eating ‘junk food’ and it all depends on your personal interpretation I suppose when doing it (giggle). My weakness is french fries and I do stay away from it as often as possible unless of course I see a load of white truffle french fries, then it’s fair game and I’m stuffing my face bite after bite, very seldom regretting it: Here’s one I love. White Truffle Oil French Fries Ingredients: 2 pounds russet potatoes 1 ounce white truffle oil 2 ounces grated Parmesan reggiano 1 ounce shaved Parmesan reggiano (use a peeler or large-sided grater) 3 quarts peanut or soybean oil Pinch sea salt & pepper Directions: Rinse the potatoes and then cut them into sticks by cutting the potato in 4 or 5 vertical pieces, and then cut each piece into sticks. Place them in a large bowl and cover with cold water. Allow them to soak, 2 hours. Drain water and lay potatoes on baking sheets and blot with paper towels. Heat the oil in a heavy bottom-handled …

stroll along the neighborhoods in san francisco

I love the city, but hate the cold summer days near ocean beach. So, I decided on sunday to ditch the car and go for a walk. A long walk across town from SeaCliff to  inland, aiming to get to Fillmore street in time for lunch. I had originally planned to walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, but the cold and windy weather discouraged that idea. Of course all of this had to happen before the US-Portugal soccer game at 3pst. Along the way, I took photos as usual, of things I felt stood out, captivating me someway or another. Of course I had to censor the addresses 🙂

what’s going on this week

It’s crazy how busy I’ve been this week, like most of you I am sure. The way I handle my busy schedule so not to stress is, detailing on a board all that I need to do both long-term and short, so I can cross off what’s completed from the list, making myself feel better in the meantime that  I’ve accomplished my tasks as planned. This coming week is no different and so here’s a list of some of the things I have planned:

helpful hints around the kitchen ‘borrowed’

It’s so funny that I have my own way of doing things around the house or the kitchen mostly, like most of you do. The trouble is, when I do come up with a bright idea, which I refer to survival tactics, I seldom write them down, nor even remember to use it again. So, when I came across these cool suggestions here, I had to borrow it and pass it on. Hopefully this small exercise would force me to compile my own list finally of helpful hints around the kitchen: {click here for more suggestions, suggestion with photo credits and detailed explanations. I am in no way taking credit for any of the photos or information – merely sharing}