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Sunday Wind Down

After a week of being off from all things work in the name of staycation and no social media, I am slowly inching my way back to reality. This perfect little workspace I adore Kitchen simpleness from here Excited to report I am back in the game after a long pause to heal a broken hand Aching for a trip to Cornwall very soon And naturally not a day goes by that I don’t find an interesting travel article, and one I cannot resist to share. Val d’Aran, a town in the Pyrenees {here} which stands on its own right even while part of France and/or Spain. What are you up to on this Sunday?

Decor: San Francisco Home Reno Gone Right

I walk through Pacific Heights every chance I get. Mostly on an early Sunday morning – I climb up and down the hills and walk from one end of the city to the other end through the prestigious neighborhood in my city. Mostly admiring the exterior of every single home perched along the avenues. Not only the style of homes are a great conversation piece while getting a pretty good workout, but they are also an inspiration for anyone needing to escape the norm or planning on renovating their home. For me, I always wonder what the inside looks like, or which designer created their work of art in terms of decor. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this article, showcasing the interior of a Pacific Heights home in the city. Check out what I mean:

Newly Opened Anthropologie Crush

Last weekend I decided to do some actual mall shopping rather than a few online ones. The hubs and I made a day of it, with our dog in tow, we drove to Stanford Shopping Center to (really check out the new wing plus renovations the mall had undergone in the last year plus) aaaand to do “shopping.” What stood out for me was the two story Anthropologie store that opened, not sure exactly what day, but it was packed more so than any store and here’s the reasons why:

decor: rustic taste and a flare for french country design

I think if I had the means I would decorate my house differently every six months or so. But since reality dictates otherwise, I choose to decorate over time not really sticking to one style or another, and including everything that I makes me feel happy. With that said, here’s a few decor styles I’ve been slowly incorporating in my current state of transforming my studio-loft lucky for me attached to a beautiful garden: {source}

parisian wall decor for sure

Right about now I get the urge to visit my favorite place in the world, and I start planning my annual trip for early Autumn to Paris of course!  Just last night while I surfed the net, I came across this article about wall murals you can buy and install in your home to get reminders of the amazing city.  Of course I had to order a few 🙂  See below. You can also check out the rest here.  

the need to move

It’s funny my hubby was right, three years ago, when we sold out house in Sacramento and moved back to San Francisco. He said, when I expressed how happy I was to downgrade, that I’d get tired of living in a small space and will soon want a bigger one. I shook my head to express my disagreement and settled into the studio apartment, happily. Fast forward three years and I am ready to move, feeling the need to have a bedroom, an office, a spare room, a dedicated eating space and a full size functional kitchen, perhaps even an in-home work-out space. Hmmm, the need to jot down my bucket list for 2014 and beyond. In the meantime, I’ll share with you where I’m going with this: {photo source: click here}