Month: February 2018

Travel: Keeping In Mind While Planning

Spring Break is around the corner, which means – some folks are planning – a trip to here and there. So I figured since it’s a day away from March 1, I start with a bit of – what to keep in mind when planning your getaway:

Fashion: When the Dress Fits…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I buy the same pair of pants, or skirt, or top or dress in multiple colors – because I love the fit. And when the fit is right, you simply buy 🙂 Here’s a prime example of a style of dress I found an easy and comfortable piece to wear and ended up ordering  a few – for a casual Saturday brunch or vacation, maybe a bridal shower, or baby one or even a high school graduation. And this top of course – always need a top for the winery visits for the summer/early fall. You might also find this article about finding the right bra fit interesting

Food: There Is Actually 43 Cauliflower Recipes?

Cauliflower is the best tasting vegetable but it is an acquired taste or takes time acquiring the taste for it.  While growing up in a Mediterrean home – my family used to simply saute the cauliflower in olive oil and sprinkle a dash of sea salt  and black pepper and voila – the best snack ever. I used to eat an entire cauliflower in one sitting – not too smart – but that’s how much I love(d) it. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this article about 43 cauliflower recipes to choose from: I mean you get the picture(s) – for the rest go here

Lifestyle: Do You Enjoy Being Alone?

More and more humankind is seeking a life in solitude, at least that’s what I’ve read and hear and actually seen among my immediate connections at work, and among friends. Either embracing being alone, or wishing for some alone time. So with this topic in mind, I did some digging and here’s what I found – that if you like being alone then you have these 6 personality traits: You’re very particular about boundaries You value time, and not just your own You are comfortable with your thoughts You are calm and composed You are extremely loyal You are addicted to solitude and guard it zealously Here’s where you go for a more elaborate explanation Also you may find this topic interesting: In celebration of being alone, but not lonely – some helpful insights into understanding that choosing to be alone is not an absolute crisis or a red flag.  {featured image credit}    

Decor and Style Articles of Interest

This past week was a lull. Not a peep at work, on the roads, online, and even television felt boring. Not sure what was going on – but I can only assume that after experiencing two weeks of pure warm and sunny weather, California is dealing with a cold front – which puts everyone in a slump. So, this Saturday morning, I see a slow start to the day. Perhaps lingering in bed, and thumbing through what’s interesting online. Kind of like this:

Food: Anti-Inflammatory or Bust

I do appreciate these articles – about what to do and not in terms of taking care of different ailments. Although I am going to share with you the suggested anti-inflammatory list of foods to consider, I do have to warn you – that some of these foods can contribute to bloating, food/spice  allergies or gluten related complications. So, approach the suggestions with care or mindfulness: You might also find this interesting: How To Easily Remove skin tags

Travel: Four European Scenic Road Trips Worth Your While

It is almost March and time to begin the planning for whatever trip you intend to take in 2018. That includes Spring break anywhere from March to early April, Honeymoon, Mother’s day surprise, Destination Weddings, anniversary celebration, milestone birthday – you get the picture. So for this series, let’s begin with Four European recommended road trips –   You might also enjoy this read: How To Dress Like An Italian