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Decor and Style Articles of Interest

This past week was a lull. Not a peep at work, on the roads, online, and even television felt boring. Not sure what was going on – but I can only assume that after experiencing two weeks of pure warm and sunny weather, California is dealing with a cold front – which puts everyone in a slump.

So, this Saturday morning, I see a slow start to the day. Perhaps lingering in bed, and thumbing through what’s interesting online. Kind of like this:

Have you seen the film Call Me By Your Name – and perhaps fell inlove with the Italian Villa staged for filming the movie? Well, it is up for sale 2MM if you are interested.

Mountain retreats for rent is the ideal getaway for some rest and relaxation – or simply to work on a novel you’ve been hoping to

high-tech sheets and comforters to keep you cool and feeling chic – SOLD

Is yellow your color? In terms of kitchen decor – sort of retro 50-60’s. Then here are some ideas on how to

Eclectic is my favorite approach to decorating and Target seems to have realized the trend

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