Lifestyle: Do You Enjoy Being Alone?

More and more humankind is seeking a life in solitude, at least that’s what I’ve read and hear and actually seen among my immediate connections at work, and among friends. Either embracing being alone, or wishing for some alone time. So with this topic in mind, I did some digging and here’s what I found – that if you like being alone then you have these 6 personality traits:

You’re very particular about boundaries

You value time, and not just your own

You are comfortable with your thoughts

You are calm and composed

You are extremely loyal

You are addicted to solitude and guard it zealously

Here’s where you go for a more elaborate explanation

Also you may find this topic interesting: In celebration of being alone, but not lonely – some helpful insights into understanding that choosing to be alone is not an absolute crisis or a red flag. 

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